BTSR International Spa is a worldwide leading company in the design and development of advanced solutions for yarn control in a variety of industrial processes, from yarn preparation to textile fabrics manufacturing.
BTSR is today a world Reference Partner for the major companies operating in the textile chain, by contributing to their production efficiency and quality improvement.
SSM AG is the one brand and trend-setter that drives the global market in winding technologies / machines.
SSM’s competencies lie in the handling of the yarn during the winding and yarn processing operations to obtain best packages that combine all the desirable characteristics. This serves as a foundation for the optimization of quality and efficiency in the downstream processes.
SSM is committed in many applications of the textile process chain:
• Dye Packages/ Rewinding
• Air Texturing
• False Twist Texturing
• Air Covering
• Draw Winding
• Assembly Winding
• Singeing
• Sewing Thread Winding
• Preparation Processes
LGL ELECTRONICS is a specialist with 30 years’ experience in the development and manufacturing of yarn feeders, offering:

A COMPLETE AND INNOVATIVE RANGE OF ELECTRONIC YARN FEEDERS for Weaving looms (rapier & air-jet) Knitting machines (seamless, socks, large diameter and flat)

A NEW RANGE OF ELECTRONIC BRAKES able to significantly reduce the stress on the yarn and to increase performances.

Environmental Technology: since 2011 LGL is developing and manufacturing electronic yarn feeders are able to promote the sustainable management of the resources, which have been attributed a Green Label for high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

Marzoli is one of the major worldwide brands in the textile sector and a unique European manufacturer of complete machine lines for the opening, preparation and spinning of short-staple fiber.
From bale openers to ring spinning frames, Marzoli offers advanced technology for completely automated spinning mills. Through its global sales and service network, its expertise with each type of fiber and its application, as well as its experience of the entire manufacturing process, Marzoli represents a skilled and reliable partner.
LORIS BELLINI new Pulsar yarn dyeing machine: the new Era of yarn dyeing Our new PULSAR yarn dyeing machine for packages, which is covered by an international patent, is a true inDecation we officially introduced to the market in 2014. Resulting from intensive laboratory and industrial-scale testing activities, our new groundbreaking PULSAR Yarn Dyeing System is a radical and effective step forward over the ordinary technology. By comparing new Pulsar machine to our standard technology, which is already much appreciated by the market for its very low consumption figures, it will give the following advantageous numbers:
• Over 70% savings of electric energy
• Very low 1:4 liquor ratio for most fibers
• 20 to 30% savings of water, chemicals and steam
Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
Weaving machines
Unrivaled in volume, unique in the niche: While weavers in the clothing and home textiles industry use weaving machines from DORNIER to make carpet, garments and suits from wool, silk or cotton, technical weavers use the same machines to manufacture high-performance fabrics for satellites, aircraft and cars with carbon, glass and aramid fibers. This extraordinary versatility in processing different materials and yarns is based on over 60 years of design and development experience in building rapier and air-jet weaving machines.
Comprising the reputed brands KERN-LIEBERS KNITTING PARTS, SAXONIA and LEISTNER. A reliable partner regarding textile Parts, needles for the weft-, raschel- and warp knitting industries as well as spinning machines with a programme of more than 60.000 different types. A preferred development partner and supplier to the textile machine builders.
As world-wide acting, family-run enterprise we develop, produce and distribute since 1949 coating and finishing lines for apparel fabric, technical textiles, nonwovens, glass fabrics and floor coverings as well as special lines for particular applications and systems for heat-recovery and exhaust air cleaning.
Our machines are completely produced in Germany and have a very long service life. Therefore we offer state-of-the-art upgrades and modifications and original spare parts, too. As market and technology leader we strive always at highest productivity with lowest possible energy consumption. Our success is based on many innovations and on the commitment of our competent team.
Biancalani is an Italian manufacturer of innovative machinery for drying, softening and washing in continuous or in discontinuous, suitable for any type of woven and knitted fabric.
The passion and experience that Biancalani put into the production of these machines together with constant research in terms of efficiency and sustainability have led to become leaders in the market, gaining recognition and appreciation for exclusive finishing solutions from customers all over the world. Biancalani company offers ever original and efficient solutions for the ennobling of orthogonal and knitted textiles, for every type of application, in a wide range of compositions and constructions.
Biancalani have only one goal in mind: offer the highest level of satisfaction to the costumers. Agent for China is SANTEX RIMAR SHANGHAI.

Following the continuous progress of the manufacturing technology, machine’s efficiency as well as quality awareness, the friction properties are recognized nowadays as one of the most important yarn quality parameter.
Thanks to its superior features, automatic functions and easy operations, the ATTRIFIL III, third generation of Mesdan-Lab yarn friction testers, became a very popular yarn friction tester on the market used by most renowned spinners, knitters, R&D labs, vocational institutions, wax & oil producers and machine’s manufacturers.
ATTRIFIL III, when used together with the exclusive Auto Cop Changer ,It can automatically performs tests on different bobbins (up to 24) having the same count.
For more information please contact Mesdan’s representative Fineetex International Trading Co., Ltd.
Tel:021-52680739 52680742/18067984594
ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, gathers Italian companies producing about 80% of the Italian textile machinery production (worth Euro 2.3 billion). The main contribution to this value comes from exports. Italian textile machines are exported in about 130 Countries, mainly in Asia. Creativity, Reliability, Sustainability and Quality of our machinery make Italy a leading producer in the world and the technological level of its production is recognized of the highest standard. Italian textile machinery manufacturers meet the full spectrum of industry (spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing and printing), testifying the flexibility and versatility that characterize Italian supply.
Sedo Treepoint GmbH
Sedo Engineering SA
Sedo Treepoint will exhibit the new Sedomat 8000 controller series and present the latest solution - Sedomat 6007. The new development is a cost-effective solution for high degree automation which offers many I/O options. The Sedomat 6007/8000 generation can meet all different types of dyeing and finishing machines and contains many cutting-edge features for the Smart Factory. Along with smart software solutions the complete textile supply chain is integrated trough intelligent production. Sedo Treepoint helps to reduce resources and costs and increase productivity and efficiency at the same time.

Sedo Engineering has developed Smart-Indigo™, a groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes the Indigo dyeing process. This environmentally friendly process gives greater efficiency and savings in time and costs. Utilizing electro-chemical techniques Smart-Indigo™ replace hazardous chemicals by electricity in Denim production. Since August 2019 the first machine is running successful in China.
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Lawer S.p.A.
Lawer (Shanghai) Dispensing Machinery Co., Ltd
Lawer is an international excellence and a well-grounded company, which has been specialized in the production of industrial dosing systems for more than 50 years.
A strong design commitment and a constant investment in research and development, have created reliable, safe and innovative dosing technologies which, supported by our efficient assistance service, have convinced the most important and qualified textile companies in the world to choose and install more than 2600 Lawer automatic dosing systems in their production departments.
The plants can carry out daily, completely automatically and with the utmost precision and speed, all the dosing and transfer operations of colors and products, both in powder and liquid, necessary to feed the equipment and machinery used in the textile dyeing and finishing.