Uster Jossi Fire Shield for spark detection and elimination
Uster Jossi Fire Shield for spark detection and elimination
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Uster introduces the unique Uster Jossi Fire Shield which has the multi-sensor technology needed to identify every type of fire risk for spinning mills, with special benefits for synthetic yarn producers.


According to the Swiss high-technology instrument manufacturer, the fire risks are identified right at the start of the mill process, combined with the sophistication to distinguish between dangerous heat sources and harmless electrostatic discharges.


There are always numerous possibilities for activating a fire alarm and detailed checks can easily take an hour and more. With the new Jossi Fire Shield, all of hazardous occurrences are pinpointed, as the system detects, diverts and extinguishes the smallest embers and sparks before they can cause problems, says Uster.


With synthetic fibers and blends, their electrostatic properties can cause false alarms, and this is when other fire detection systems lead to unnecessary production downtime. Each electrostatic discharge is registered as a spark, and the mill stops working to investigate these alarms. Here, the technical superiority of the Jossi Fire Shield proves its value, as the only system with multiple sensors able to distinguish reliably between dangerous fire sources and electrostatic discharge, explains the company.


Fire detection is based on locating heat sources, but the Jossi Fire Shield can separate dangerous long-wave heat sources from harmless short-wave sources from electrostatic discharge. This is a key benefit, which ensures production is stopped only when necessary, which has a major impact on mill efficiency and profit, adds Uster.


For enhanced safeguarding, mills can also opt for the Uster Jossi Combo Shield solution. This combines Uster Jossi Fire Shield with Uster Jossi Metal Shield, which provides effective metal detection to prevent costly mechanical damage to machinery and components.