Rolling Feeder is a unique solution on the market for bare elastomers feeding control, remarks BTSR.
Rolling Feeder is a unique solution on the market for bare elastomers feeding control, remarks BTSR.

BTSR, a leading company in yarn control solution design and development, extends its sales and market penetration with Rolling Feeder, the revolutionary new-concept device for bare elastomers feeding control, devised to impact seamless and knitting sectors habits and trends tied to bare elastomers applications.


As said, Rolling Feeder is a unique solution on the market, thanks to its capability to combine in a single device the flexibility and user-friendly use of BTSR Constant Tension Feeding Technology with the product top quality resulting from bare elastomeric yarns feeding at constant LFA/speed (BTSR patent).


According to BTSR, thanks to the BTSR self-adaptive electronic technology, Rolling Feeder is able to work at constant tension yarn feeding during yarn ‘start/stop’ working phases (or during strong yarn pattern selections) and to automatically shift at constant LFA/speed feeding during the garment production.


Based on derulè yarn reeling-off working concept, Rolling Feeder technology allows to eliminate yarn ‘twisting effect’ (flat yarns) and to guarantee the capability to feed elastomeric yarns at constant speed/LFA.


Rolling Feeder system features the BTSR patent pending ‘Double Working Modality Master-Slave’ System (derulè at constant tension/derulè at constant LFA), with possibility to select a single or multiple devices as MASTERs and a group of units as SLAVEs, thus guaranteeing the absolute stitch matching, preventing yarn plating faults in vanisè process and guaranteeing top quality garment production.


Combined with Ultrafeeder devices (MASTERs) installed on the machine for background yarns feeding control, Rolling Feeder (SLAVEs) are able to work at a constant ‘stretch ratio’, thus guaranteeing a fully automatic constant yarn feeding/ stretching and top quality repeatability.


In addition, Rolling Feeder is designed for enhance operators working life by minimizing and simplify man-labour operations, thus guaranteeing the most demanding production efficiency goals achievement, adds BTSR.