Allegro live demo at the production site of ENVS.
Allegro live demo at the production site of ENVS.
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Bangalore-based leading manufacturer of high fashion apparel Fashion Matrix Overseas (FMO) has celebrated the opening of its new venture ENVS Eco-friendly Digital Fabrics India Pvt. Ltd. (ENVS). At the grand opening of ENVS, the company demonstrated its state-of-the-art production technology supplied by Kornit Digital.

FMO is concentrating all its digital design production activities for high fashion apparel in ENVS. The new company’s production site at Bangalore will rely on Kornit’s Allegro for digitally printing on roll fabrics and on an Avalanche 1000 for direct-to-garment printing.

Kornit Allegro

With only seven meters in length, an impressive seven-colors process ink colors, photorealistic print quality, an ability to print on multiple fabrics without changing inks, minimal infrastructure requirements and practically no water consumption, the Kornit Allegro offers a unique proposition to versatile, small runs, high through put manufacturing.

In addition, the Kornit Allegro uses Kornit NeoPigment ink and process, is said as the only true digital solution for textile printing that does not require pre-treatment or finishing, and performs as a 1 step production line.

Avalanche 1000

The Avalanche 1000 is the market leading industrial Direct-To-Garment printing system, which offers the fastest output and highest quality for high-end garment production.

According to Kornit, the company’s DTG technology is the only one that prints on any garment, without any pretreatment. This makes it the optimal and most efficient technology for high productivity, high quality, and customized garment printing facilities.

According to Mr. Vipin Sethi, Owner at FMO, “Kornit Digital really understands our needs, fulfills our expectations for quality and has all of the capabilities we need in-house, particularly for speeding up the sampling and manufacturing processes. Kornit’s solution is 100% eco-friendly which is in line with FMO’s corporate mission.”

Mr. Buck Kim, Kornit Digital’s President for Asia Pacific, adds: “We are delighted to have been selected by FMO to build the digital production backbone of the new enterprise. We believe that speed, quality, efficiency and sustainability are important for our customers”