BTSR (Hall 3.0, Booth A22)

BTSR will be highlighting the ULTRAFEEDER2, UNIFEEDER2 and ROLLING FEEDER at Techtextile 2017.

ULTRAFEEDER2 is built with advanced materials and updated design.For the ULTRAFEEDER2, BTSR describes it as a radical evolutionary step in Yarn Constant Tension Feeding Technologies. It is built with advanced materials (aluminium, magnesium, carbon fiber) which guarantee unique features in terms of lightness, strength and small-size dimensions.

The updated design and accurate ergonomics (i.e. upper positioned display for easy reading, optimized space around the wheel for easy yarn threading) guarantee utmost features in terms of user-friendly operations.

As introduced, the new powerful processor and updated electronics in combination with the advanced built-in materials provide unique performances in terms of response time and yarn tension reading accuracy.

ULTRAFEEDER2 comes with a further improved motor torque allowing new applicative possibilities and enhanced performances in feeding yarns with high selections dynamics. The smart yarn input accessory set and the double coil separator system provide this device with unique advanced features and applicative benefits to machine operator.

ULTRAFEEDER2 is designed for the most demanding needs in socks/hosiery, seamless, knitting, several looms applications and sewing machines. It works with any kind of yarn in many different applications, with thin bare, covered and interlaced elastomers (11, 13, 15 Dtex), nylon, cotton and technical fibers.

BRÜCKNER (Hall 3.0, Booth F29)

The German systems supplier and technology market leader BRÜCKNER will be showing a wide range of application examples for technical textiles which can be finished on the tailor-made and resource-saving BRÜCKNER machines.

BRÜCKNER ECO-COAT minimum application coating unit for technical textiles.Manifold product examples on the booth invite discussions with the BRÜCKNER experts. Models of a SUPRA-FLOW BX double belt oven for nonwovens and of the innovative ETRO bow-shaped dryer which is particularly suitable for the coating with PVC or adhesives show only two of the machines offered by BRÜCKNER for the finishing of nonwovens and foils.

In addition, the company offers very different application systems for the coating of technical textiles and one of them is the ECO-COAT minimum application unit.

Also padders, drying, heat-setting and curing ovens with maximum production capacity, lowest possible energy consumptions highest precision in the temperature distribution and air circulation are part of BRÜCKNER’s product range. Various cutting and winding machines give a shape to technical textiles of any kind round the product portfolio.

Here are only some examples for the final applications processed by the BRÜCKNER finishing lines: woven glass fabric for circuit boards, carbon textile for textile-reinforced concrete, linings for walls and roofs in the field of automotive and aerospace, airbags, high-tech filters for the medical industry, hygiene articles, geo nonwovens for bank reinforcement.

CREALET (Hall 3.0, Booth D72 / IQ-SPS)

CREALET AG and IQ-SPS GmbH will take the chance to point out their efforts to take advantage of synergies that exist in terms of products, services and market position during the Techtextil.

The two companies have the necessary know-how to modernize or overhaul weaving machines. The engineering department is constantly creating innovative products in the field of electronically warp feeding from beams or weaving creels for existing or new wide and narrow weaving machines as well as warp knitting machines.
Selvedge thread let-off from Crealet.
Special developments were realized in the feeding of carbon fibers.

IQ-SPS and CREALET bring their expertise to bear on adapting and upgrading machines and their warp control systems so that customers get a customized application specific machine.

CREALET, Switzerland, founded in 2003, with the aim of developing electronically controlled warp feed systems for weaving machines. The company has established itself as a market leader in this area, and has led to an impressive product range that is precisely oriented to the requirements of customers and the high demands of the market.


Electronic warp let-off and article pull-off devices

High-position warp beams for single and half width warp beams

Warp beam stands for one or more warp beams

Yarn feeding devices for weaving from creel

Electronic selvedge thread let-off

Batching motion for tirecord fabric
Special weaving machine (width 8.50m) from IQ-SPS.

IQ-SPS GmbH, Germany, was founded in 2010 with the aspiration of offering customised heavy and wide weaving machines. With its products and services, the company uncompromisingly orients itself to the customer needs of technical weavers.


Wide weaving machines, up to 12m fabric width

Robust weaving machines up to 15,000 N warp tension p/m of fabric

Modernisations on all types of weaving machines

Refurbishing (e.g. after fire damage)

Services (trainings, technical textile consultation, machine inspections)

Spare parts service

Fadis (Hall 3.0, Booth B08M)

Fadis was founded in 1960 and is present in more than 70 countries all over the world. With more than 57 years of experience, the company manufactures 100% Made in Italy textile machines such as soft winders, rewinders, assembly winders, hank to cone winders, reeling machines, spooling machines and intermingling machines.

For conventional covering range, the SINCRO SPRINT model has become the benchmark for spooling with its new concept of a compact and efficient double side spooling machine, equipped with electronic yarn guided, precision crossing and independent winding spindles.
The SINCRO SPRINT RFM SW machine offers the topmost flexibility aimed at future developments and market requirements:

   The electronic yarn guided precision crossing technology guarantees perfect and uniform yarn laying;

   To keep the same density between the inner and outer layers of a bobbin, the on-line “Tens Control” technology has been used in the SINCRO SPRINT model;

   The innovative design is structured in such a way as to offer the maximum yield, allowing use of different types of flanged bobbins;

Besides, thanks to the “autocalibration” technology, it is possible to start the spindle also with flanged bobbins having already some yarn wound on them. A new concept that allows to recover residual yarn, that would be otherwise cut off and treated as waste, with consequent cost saving.

On the SINCRO SPRINT RFM SW Machine, it is possible to install a motorized unrolling device controlled by an electronic on-line tension sensor to rewind directly from BOBBIN/FAPP/MUFF/HANK onto flanged bobbins, thus avoiding an additional process phase.

For air covering range, the SINCRO MULTIPLA AIRJET electronic yarn guided precision machines have been designed for winding speeds as high as 1.400 m/min.

The air covering process consists in covering an elastomeric yarn with other continuous textured yarns. This process takes place through an air flow controlled by a special jet which opens the fibre of the covering yarn and closes it around the core (elastane).

Fadis has developed a technology that allows installing and integrating up to 4 electronic “Tens Control” on-line tension devices on each spindle. This unique and technologically advanced technology guarantees a constant and perfect intermingling quality.

Meanwhile, thanks to the installation of 1 electronic “Tens Control” on-line tension device after the intermingling jet and the second feed roller, it is possible to assure a constant control and adjustment of the take-up tension, without any manual intervention of the operator.

70 Italian machinery manufacturers on stage

Around 70 Italian machinery manufacturers are slated to take part in the upcoming edition of Techtextil. According to ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, the number of exhibitors at the show has grown over the years and it is a testament to the interest Italy’s textile machinery sector places in the technical and innovative textiles market.

In recent years, the technical and innovative textiles industry has seen a great deal of development in many markets, and especially in Europe, where over 30% of revenue in the textile industry derives from the production of textiles for technical and innovative applications, says ACIMIT.

Demand for such products has consequently also driven a demand for ad hoc machinery specifically designed for this sector. The offering promoted by Italy’s textile machinery industry is thus expanding to the new demands of customers operating in this specific sector.

ACIMIT estimates that more than 100 of its member companies are now working in this sector.

Among the Italian textile machinery companies on stage at Techtextil, 25 will be exhibiting in the exhibition area organized by the Italian Trade Agency and ACIMIT (Hall 3.0, Booth B08-B10).

These companies are all ACIMIT associated members: 4M Plants, Beschi, Bianco, Bombi, Bonino, Canalair, Carù, Cogne, Cubotex, Dell’orco & Villani, Etv, Fadis, Mesdan, Monti-Mac, Noseda, Pmt Ribbons, Ratti, Rollmac, Sariel, Saspe, Sicam, Textape, Toscana Spazzole, Unitech, Zappa.