Monforts (Hall 3.0, Booth F01)

At Techtextil 2017, A. Monforts Textilmaschinen will represent the company on a joint 100 m² booth together with Fong`s Europe GmbH.

Monforts will demonstrate its full range of new coating units for the first time - incorporating knife over roller/air system; magnetic roller system; and printing head systems.

The Monforts coating range texCOAT is now available worldwide and follows the recent acquisition of renowned manufacturer Timatec who was previously active mainly in the central European markets.

New applications and interesting references of the coating units will be presented as well including membrane- and Filter- applications.
Three dimensional woven filter material featuring Monforts MONTEX 8500 coating techniques.
Single sourced solutions ranging from single sided applications of finishing agents such as, outdoor clothing and functionalization of textiles in the home textiles sector, through to sophisticated lightweight construction using innovative textile-based coated materials in the automotive and aerospace industries are now available.

According to the company, the various coating modules can be used with or without a magnet system. For working widths above 240 cm use of a magnetic doctor blade is recommended.

The coating systems are available in four versions – basic, multi-functional, universal and multi-functional.

The basic version, for example, offers manual adjustment in two positions for air knife and roller knife coating and printing without magnet for working widths of up to 240 cm.

The Multi-functional version with two position manual adjustment is designed for magnetic knife coating with a working width of up to 240 cm and screen printing.

The Universal version features motorized adjustment with three positions for foam coating, roller knife coating and magnetic knife coating. It is for working widths above 240 cm.

The fourth, Multi-functional version, with three position motorized adjustment has been designed for direct fabric feed coating applications using printing templates and operating modes with roller knife and magnetic knife.

Monforts can also provide Ex-proof ranges for solvent-based coatings and for high temperature processes up to 320°C such as, for example, PTFE sintering.

The Monforts range of coating solutions also includes the recently introduced Montex Allround.

Designed for constantly changing technical textile coating process applications, the systems coating modules can be quickly and easily changed by a specially designed undercarriage from the side of the unit; allowing it to be adapted for different applications.

All Monforts coating systems feature simple and user friendly PLC techniques with on-screen visualization for all operating modes. Recipe management for different coating processes are integrated in to the proven Qualitex control system of the Montex stenter.

Monforts technologists will also be at the show to offer expert coating advice.

SAURER AllmaHall 3.0,Booth D02

Allma will welcome customers and visitors to its stand Techtextil 2017 and inform them about the latest developments in twisting technology for industrial yarns.
Allma TechnoCorder TC2 for opening up new markets for industrial yarns.
On the two-for-one twisting machine TechnoCorder TC2 for industrial yarns, for example, up to 9-ply yarn constructions can now be processed. The innovative FlexiPly device allows for the production of innovative hybrid yarns.

As introduced, the TechnoCorder TC2 is characterised in particular by its unique flexibility in production, material and yarn counts of industrial yarns. Self-sufficient spindle drives allow for such production flexibility that individual items can be processed on each separate spindle.

With the innovative FlexiPly software, users can economically produce the hybrid yarn constructions expected by the market on the TechnoCorder TC2. Through the use of different materials such as polyamide and aramid and different twists, yarns with new characteristics are created for technical textiles, tires and mechanical rubber goods (MRG).

A novelty is the extension of the FlexiPly device. The new software allows for multiple constructions of up to 9-ply. The possibility of equipping the machine for processing PE-/PP tapes and monofilaments provides the customers with additional material flexibility.

The two spindle gauges 670 and 830 mm enormously widen the yarn count range from 235 to 33,000 dtex, enabling both very fine and very coarse yarns to be processed in high quality on the TechnoCorder TC2.

In addition, the delivery speed of 400 m/min is world class in twisting industrial yarns. The TechnoCorder TC2 guarantees excellent yarn quality and allows for twist packages with high density and perfect appearance thanks to the process monitoring, optimum yarn path geometry as well as gentle and low-tension thread guidance.

To increase productivity even further, the High Speed Package (HSP) was developed, which increases the unwinding speed to 150 m/min (cross-wound package) and 180 m/min (flanged bobbin) when using a campanello.

Energy-optimised drives and the slim yarn balloon enhance the machine's energy balance. The innovative spindle concept and ergonomic arrangement of the main elements ensure the particularly high operating convenience.

As a leading company in twisting and cabling of industrial yarns and tire cord, Allma sets benchmarks in terms of flexibility, productivity and quality. Within the Saurer Group, Allma in Kempten and Volkmann in Krefeld make up the business unit Allma Volkmann.

SHIMA SEIKI (Hall 6.1, Booth C52)

Leading computerized knitting machine manufacturer SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan, together with its Italian subsidiary SHIMA SEIKI ITALIA S.p.A., will participate in the Techtextil.

On display will be the company's latest technological contributions aimed at promoting knitted applications in the field of technical textiles, designed and produced on SHIMA SEIKI's lineup of advanced computer design systems and computerized flat knitting machines.

Knitting offers great potential for technical textiles with its inherent characteristics, stretch and compression. Flat knitting provides further potential as the only textile production method that can shape fabric on the machine, says SHIMA SEIKI.

WHOLEGARMENT knitting by SHIMA SEIKI maximizes the benefits of shaped knitting by expanding that potential to 3 dimensions.

WHOLEGARMENT knitting is capable of producing knitted items in their entirety on the machine, and allows 3D forms and tubing to be produced without sewing. The seam-free nature also ensures continuity of yarn, allowing functional yarns such as conductive yarns to wrap around the entire body for applications in smart garments and wearable technology.
MACH2XS flagship machine.
Various knitting techniques can also be applied for different applications as well, of which inlay technique has gained particular attention in knitted technical textiles with its capability to produce a hybrid knit-weave pattern by inserting yarn into existing knit fabric in a weave fashion. Inlay suppresses typical stretch characteristics of knitted fabrics, and since new materials such as metallic and monofilament yarns can be used, new applications in industrial textiles are realized.

Demonstrating the latest in WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology at the exhibition will be the flagship MACH2XS machine that features the SHIMA SEIKI's original SlideNeedle on 4 needle beds and patented spring-loaded full-time sinker system.

Capable of WHOLEGARMENT knitting in all-needles, MACH2XS offers great flexibility for knitting high-quality WHOLEGARMENT products with a seemingly endless variety of knit patterns at very high speed and efficiency, all while minimizing dependence upon labor-intensive sewing and linking.

The latest version of SHIMA SEIKI's SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system will also be available for demonstrations in design and simulation of various technical textiles.

As introduced, of particular interest is the system’s ultra-realistic simulation capability that realizes Virtual Sampling. When countless variations must be evaluated before arriving at a final design, virtual product samples can be used to streamline the decision-making process by minimizing the enormous amount of time and cost normally associated with producing actual samples for each variation.

French Machinery the strategic partner @ Techtextil

Once again, at Techtextil 2017, French machinery will emphasize on their strategic partnerships with technical textiles manufacturers. At the show, UCMTF, the French Association which groups about 30 companies will have its own booth: Hall 3.1 Booth A73.

French machinery manufacturers are SME’s, often world leaders on their specific markets, organized not to sell off the shelves machines but to design machines specifically for their own customers’ needs, emphasizes UCMTF.

Bruno AMELINE, the Association President states: “what makes us part of the technical textiles community is the fact that we have to invest for the future, in R and D, in the organization of the services our customers need wherever they are located, in the increasing expertise of our teams. As we do not compete on mass markets machinery, we have to focus on niche markets, and often design special machines for specific applications. The size of our companies makes possible an integration of our marketing and R&D departments.”