SSM (Hall 3.0, Booth D05 / ELMATEX)

SSM will show its winding machine for technical yarns in Techtextil.
SSM DURO-TW precision winder.
The unique characteristics of tailor-made high performance yarns is helping such yarns to substitute other classical materials in large range of applications, thereby continually increasing the usage of technical textiles and consequently their consumption, according to SSM.

Despite this overall positive scenario production, lot sizes can vary greatly, from large ones for standard yarns to small ones for specialties, managing such variances poses a challenge for any producer.

The SSM DURO-TW precision winder for all technical yarns up to 50’000 dtex offers a new level of flexibility and winding quality in one machine, ensuring the fulfillment of all customer requirements.

Meanwhile, the SSM DURO-TD assembly winder allows the plying of multiple ends/yarns. Optional intermingling guarantees loop-free twists as well as optimal unwinding during twisting. The ability to run closed precision winding enables higher package densities, thereby increasing the knot-free length.

With an excellent reputation for high quality textile machines and maintaining a worldwide service network, SSM emphasizes it is providing the maximum return on customer’s investments.

Stäubli (Hall 3.0, Booth B02)
Magma T12 warp tying machine.
For several years already, Stäubli is in a position to offer textile machinery dedicated to the production of technical textiles. Weavers who count on Stäubli high-performance machinery benefit from features like high reliability and flexibility will be able to take the lead on the market of technical textiles with innovative and creative products for countless applications.

Stäubli will showcase two machines that fit especially well in the production process of technical textiles. Furthermore, the company will display a selection of technical fabrics including spacers and multilayers with variable thickness that have been produced in conjunction with its products such as TF weaving systems, dobbies, Jacquard machines, warp drawing-in, or tying equipment.

Magma T12 warp tying machine has been developed for technical yarn ties monofilaments, coarse multi-filaments, PP ribbons, bast fibres, coarse staple fibres, and many other fibre types. It is suitable for universal application ranging from coarse technical yarns to medium yarn-count range. Its rigid design includes an optical double-end detection system.

Magma is demonstrated at the booth tying monofilament, diameter 0.40mm, density 7 threads/cm, 4 canister, 140 threads each.

UNIVAL 100 is a single-end control Jacquard machine which offers more benefits for sophisticated technical textiles such as automotive and aeronautic textiles, technical textiles in the sports, industrial, medical sectors, and new fabric constructions, even with glass fibre, carbon, and Kevlar.
UNIVAL 100 single-end control Jacquard machine.
Information will be provided about new TF weaving system providing individual system configuration and maximum flexibility. This system offers virtually unlimited weaving possibilities, whether for flat, spacer, or complex multi-layer fabrics and 3D fabrics.

Featuring latest shedding machines in combination with the double-rapier weft insertion system and a special slaying motion, this weaving system allows high-volume production of up to very thick and/or dense fabrics and efficient processing of a wide variety of technical and highly sensitive yarns. It is available featuring various machinery combinations and set-ups for weaving any application and desired technical fabric.

With its Schönherr carpet systems branch, Stäubli will inform visitors about the ALPHA 500 LEANTEC weaving system allowing the production of superior high-quality synthetic grass and greige material for printing.

Stäubli has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-speed textile machinery since more than a century. After decades of experience as a supplier of shedding solutions for weaving machines, weaving preparation systems, and carpet weaving systems in the traditional textile industry, the company continued its efforts in research and development to extend its product range.

STOLL (Hall 3.0, Booth F39)

STOLL will be showcasing a large variety of flat knit application examples at the Techtextil 2017.
The new CMS 330 HP W flat knitting machine.
The new cluster concept for TT sport, TT med, TT home, and TT mobility will be unveiled, along with the new CMS 330 HP W flat knitting machine for TT sport, which is suitable for the manufacture of shoe uppers, orthopedic supports, and textile accessories with complex shapes.

The compact model also boasts a high production speed, exceptional value for money, and options for inlay techniques, intarsia patterns, and plating effects.

The CMS 330 HP W therefore fits in seamlessly with STOLL’s innovative portfolio of flat knitting machines. No other manufacturing process for textiles combines complex structures, functionality, and aesthetics quite like STOLL’s flat knitting technology, says the manufacturer.

Whether it’s for industrial applications or electrically conductive textiles, the demand for which is increasing, the flat knitting technology offers highly efficient, tailored solutions.

Techtextil provides visitors with the opportunity to get to know STOLL’s full spectrum of applications.

Thies (Hall 3.0, Booth F23)

Thies Textilmaschinen will participate again in Techtextil 2017. Special designed machines can be used for a wide variety of fibres, nonwovens, yarns and fabrics suitable for a multitude of technical textile applications.


The well-established iCone bleaches and dyes fibres, flakes, yarns, cables and belts. The unique technique enables dyeing in short liquor as well. Obtaining uniform dyeing and the required fastness is self-evident. Using special energy-efficient functions, the iCone is able to dye in a more cost effective and eco-friendly way.

Cellulose fibres for medical purposes or any other substrate such as polyester, acrylic and polyamide may be used. The variety of iCone is reflected in the following areas of application: the treatment of sewing threads, the dyeing and bleaching of yarns for the production of solar sails, tents, awnings and the finishing of flame-retardant yarns.

HT- Jigger:

The HT-Jigger is used for dyeing fabrics, nonwovens or space fabrics. The HT-Jigger offers step less tension and speed control combined with an economical dye trough. It has been designed to offer uniform dyeing in very short liquor ratios.

Suitable to process textiles at temperatures up to 143ºC, the HT-Jigger is recommended for the treatment of crease sensitive, permeable and non-permeable fabrics; to offer optimum flexibility for finishing of all modern fibres.

Key applications are the automotive sector with treatments of vehicle interiors or industrial sectors, which use filter materials.

iMaster H₂O:

This machine concept is ideal for all fabric applications where water consumption is an important consideration, together with other possible energy savings including steam, electricity, chemicals and dyestuffs. The iMaster H₂O dyeing machine is proving successful with several automotive fabric producers. The notable process times facilitate competitive high production capacities.

The system features a transport winch inside the kier, allowing cotton, synthetic fibres and their blends, and including articles with a high elastane content, to be processed with significantly reduced elongation; resulting in fabrics with an improved stability whilst offering flexibility in the processing of a wide range of products.

soft-TRD Slll:

Designed for the universal dyeing of wovens, knits and nonwovens, this generation of soft-TRD machines sets new standards in the efficient use of materials and resources.

The free material flow and low tension in the transport zone, guarantee optimum relaxation and uniform treatment of the entire fabric rope.