The Bean Bag Snag Tester.
The Bean Bag Snag Tester.

SDL Atlas has re-introduced the Bean Bag Snag Tester. Just as some fashions come back into style, so has the Bean Bag Snag Tester.

Different snagging tests that have been available over the past decade have not been satisfactory for all fabric types. As retailers searched for a solution, they went back in time to the Bean Bag Snag Tester, says SDL Atlas.

As introduced, the Bean Bag Snag Tester tumbles fabric pillows containing a weighted bean bag within two separate test cylinders to determine the snagging and picking characteristics of knitted fabrics.

SDL Atlas discontinued this instrument years ago because of low demand, however, now it is being specified by several retailers. The test is described in ASTM D5362.

The leading textile testing equipment supplier emphasizes that if customers are having trouble with snagging test results, they contact the company solutions expert for consultation.

SDL Atlas has offices and experts in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China, plus agents serving over 100 countries.