Uniqlo U Fall/Winter 2017 collection.
Uniqlo U Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

UNIQLO has launched the Fall/Winter 2017 Uniqlo U collection at stores around Japan and through the uniqlo.com online store. The new collection features items created with three-dimensional knitting technique that employs WHOLEGARMENT technology.

As introduced, this is the third Uniqlo U collection from the design team at the UNIQLO Paris R&D Center, led by Artistic Director, Christophe Lemaire.

The new range stems from a drive to make clothing an ideal expression of its wearer, taking LifeWear toward the future through design, pattern, fabric development, and stitching innovations as part of a commitment to reinventing wardrobe basics.

The full collection will be available at 62 UNIQLO stores and online in 19 countries and territories. The line will comprise 46 women's and 27 men's items, as well as 11 accessories.

Enhancing fit and comfort with 3D U-Knit

Items created with 3D U-Knit, a three-dimensional knitting technique that employs WHOLEGARMENT technology to enhance fit and comfort, are featured in the new collection.

3D U-Knit is developed at Innovation Factory, a joint venture that UNIQLO's parent company, Fast Retailing, established in 2016 with Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd., a leading Japanese manufacturer of knitting machines.

WHOLEGARMENT uses special machines to produce knitwear three-dimensionally in one entire piece, eliminating seams. Another advantage of this technology is that it is so flexible, empowering designers to perfectly materialize their visions.

3D U-Knit is the first stage in the UNIQLO quest to redefine quality knitwear. While WHOLEGARMENT has primarily been the domain of knitwear from fashion houses, employing this technology will help UNIQLO to offer unprecedented refinement at prices that are affordable for all.

Three dresses, one women's sweater, and one skirt have been created with this technique. A highlight of that range is the 3D Merino Ribbed Mock Neck Dress. The ribbing of this fit and flare piece accentuates natural femininity by following body contours. The skirt offers delightfully pleated drapes for a sophisticated and elegant look.