Benninger Knit CPB Dyeing Machine.
Benninger Knit CPB Dyeing Machine.

Benninger  is a leading supplier for textile finishing machines. The main focuses of the company in ShanghaiTex 2017 are to maintain good customer relationship and get into new potential business contacts.

The main exhibit of Benninger in the show is Trikoflex drum washing compartment. Its key features are the patented front- and backwashing drum and 40% higher washing efficiency.

As said, this Triklofex drum washing compartment was assembled in Benninger’s Suzhou factory in China. Benninger has established a localized product offering in China that includes open-width deoiling, soaper and pretreatment ranges for KNIT-LINE. It enables the company to meet customer needs in China more comprehensively.

Technology driver: smart solutions to save resources

Mr. Marcel Moser, Regional Sales Director of Benninger AG, stressed that the main technology driver for Benninger is to come up with smart solutions to save limited resources such as water and energy.

“As a matter of fact, each liter of water we are able to save in our processes represents there is one liter less waste water to be treated, and one liter of water which does not consume energy because of temperature and post treatments,” he explained.

Sustainability is becoming more and more a significant cost factor in the textile industry in the future. For Benninger, the main focus concerning sustainability is related to the quality which means to maximize the invested resources with a long life time. In other words, the competitive advantage of the Benninger ranges for our customer’s is the long lasting quality of its production ranges.

Mr. Marcel Moser, Regional Sales Director of Benninger AG.Since the automation and the drive system get more and more important in respect of quality production including light weight stretch fabrics as well as minimizing the resources used, all Benninger’s ranges are equipped with the newest developments from its automation department.

In addition, as both CPB dyeing and open-width knit finishing technologies offer huge potential in resource savings such as water and energy, Benninger will focus on these areas in the future.

China to remain the best production base

In China market, there is a trend of shifting textile production to western China, Southeast Asia and Africa. Benninger is pleased to see and support the movement happened within China.

According to Mr. Marcel Moser, the “Go West” trend can actively facilitate the development of an integrated cotton textile, wool textile, knitting, garment, home textile and industrial textile manufacturing system in the region.

Meanwhile, the “Go Out” trend shows another restructuring strategy adopted by Chinese textile companies. They have been attracted to the Southeast Asia countries by low wages and the possibility of freer trade with members of the ASEAN and TPP countries.

“However, after the US has formally withdrawn from the TPP agreement and civil unrests happened in some countries, we think China remains the best production base for textile companies,” remarked Mr. Marcel Moser.

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