BTSR headquarters in Italy.
BTSR headquarters in Italy.
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At ShanghaiTex 2017, Italian manufacturer BTSR will launch the new ULTRAFEEDER2. It is the latest BTSR Constant Tension Feeder generation which replaces ULTRAFEEEDER, the top seller device on the market in hosiery, seamless and knitting sectors.

As introduced, ULTRAFEEDER2 comes with the new advanced processor providing x10 faster response time and unique operational capabilities in terms of yarn tension feeding capability.

In addition, BTSR will also showcase the ROLLING FEEDER and the new UNIFEEDER2.

Investing in Industry 4.0 potentials

BTSR is one of the pioneers in manufacturing electronic sensors and constant tension feeders for the textile industry.

“With 30+ years of experience in developing innovation in this field, BTSR always strive to open new application possibilities in the market and overcome the limits. New ideas and futuristic vision combined with a consolidated know-how are the basis of our future innovation developments and ‘value’ generation for our customers,” emphasized Mr. Tiziano Barea, the President.

Industry 4.0 is a mega technology trend in the textile industry, the launch of BTSR EASY FEEDER App is the demonstration of passion and focus that the company is investing in this direction.

EASY FEEDER App is a high-tech Industry 4.0 remote programming and monitoring tool aims for an easy management of all BTSR feeders running in the production line. It is an ‘All-in-One App’ bringing unique functions in terms of production monitoring, programming, editing, analyzing and also forecast.

EASY FEEDER App is a unique solution for production managers to make right planning and cost saving decisions,” added Mr. Tiziano Barea.

Chinese market trend: ‘generate quality’ in an ‘efficiently way’

Thanks to Chinese textile players’ growing demand for high-tech and good quality products, BTSR has been widely recognized in the Chinese market in the past decade.

“We are aware that our potential growth in the Chinese market is impressive. BTSR has a wide range of products for different applications, which also favors the company’s growth in this market. It will represent a strategic asset for the future,” remarked Mr. Angelo Rizzo, Sales General Manager.

“Chinese customers are much more aware nowadays than in the past of the fundamental need to ‘generate quality’ in an ‘efficiently way’ in order to compete. This is the long term trend and BTSR is fully aligned with it by delivering the technologies supporting such trend.

According to Mr. Angelo Rizzo, BTSR is currently focused in empowering services and knowledge transfer capability to local operators in Western China and Asia. “I mean this is a long term investment to make the market access and benefit from the technologies which BTSR will be able to introduce in the market,” he explained.

In the coming future, Research and Development (R&D) will continue to represent a strategic asset for BTSR. The company invests 8 to 10% of its incomes in R&D and new high-tech production technologies every year.

“It is part of our DNA to transform our know-how into customer-oriented innovative solutions and tools able to anticipating the market needs,” concluded Mr. Tiziano Barea.

Innovation in advanced yarn feeding control

BTSR will be highlighting the new ULTRAFEEDER2, UNIFEEDER2 and ROLLING FEEDER at ShanghaiTex 2017.

ULTRAFEEDER2 is a radical evolutionary step in Yarn Constant Tension Feeding Technologies state-of-art and innovation process.

It comes built up with the most advanced materials (aluminium, magnesium, carbon fiber) which guarantee unique features in terms of lightness, strength and small-size dimensions.

The ULTRAFEEDER2 is designed for the most demanding needs of many applications. According to BTSR, the updated design and accurate ergonomics (i.e. upper positioned display for easy reading, optimized space around the wheel for easy yarn threading) guarantee utmost features in terms of user-friendly operations.

In addition, new powerful processor and updated electronics in combination with the advanced built -in materials provide unique performances in terms of response time and yarn tension reading accuracy.

ULTRAFEEDER2 also comes with a further improved motor torque allowing new applicative possibilities and enhanced performances in feeding yarns with high selections dynamics.

The new smart yarn input accessory set and the double coil separator system provide this device with unique advanced features and applicative benefits to machine operator.

ULTRAFEEDER2 is designed for the most demanding needs in socks/hosiery, seamless, knitting, several looms applications and sewing machines.

It works with any kind of yarn in many different applications, with thin bare, covered and interlaced elastomers (11,13,15 Dtex), nylon, cotton and technical fibers.

ULTRAFEEDER2 represents a technological revolution destined to change the ‘Game Rules’ and supply an epochal change in textile market technological offer as well as in the future textile operators’ demand.

ROLLING FEEDER a specific solution for bare spandex yarn feeding. It shows unique features thanks to its capability to combine the capability to feed the yarn at constant tension and simultaneous constant LFA/speed (BTSR Patent).

The new UNIFEEDER2 has started to generate a growing positive feedback from the market. It features unique capability of guaranteeing utmost precise size control in garment production, thus impacting in production cost saving and drastic waste reduction. 

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