Marzoli spinning frames.
Marzoli spinning frames.

Italian based Marzoli is a leading manufacturer of the full line of machines for short-staple fiber spinning and processing. The company will attend ShanghaiTex 2017 to relaunch its technology in the Chinese market.

Besides, as one of the main focuses of the show is Industry 4.0, Marzoli, as the first textile machinery company to move towards the implementation of this new paradigm, will present its software products for a smart and efficient management of the spinning mill.

“As global competition gets fiercer and fiercer, Chinese spinners will increasingly search for higher automation, efficiency and quality levels,” stated Marzoli. “The company is going to exhibit the best of European spinning technologies.”

A fully-integrated mill with all ingredients united

When commenting on the market trends, Marzoli pinpointed the key to overcome the challenges of the market is “
to differentiate but remain flexible at the same time to effectively and rapidly deal with the clients’ requests”.

Marzoli has found the solution to this by developing a concept of an electronic and fully-integrated spinning mill, where textile technology, high-performance mechanics, electronics and digitalization unite.

Flexible, productive, efficient, digitalized, scalable, opened and predisposed to the developments that the new technologies will bring in the forthcoming years. These are the attributes of such spinning mill.

hinner and higher quality webs the trend in nonwoven sector

Marzoli also supplies state-of-the-art solutions for the global nonwoven sector. The company observed a noticeable trend which is the growth in the production of thinner and higher quality webs, especially in the spunlace and hygiene segments.

“This has fostered many nonwoven producers to install flat cards with cross lapping technology which ensure higher homogeneity in the output web and higher carding quality,” he remarked.

Through a network of selected partners, Marzoli can also insert in its nonwoven lines advanced cross lapping technology and drafters to ensure perfect isotropy and high productivity even in the production of light weight webs.

Furthermore in a plant with 3 or more flat cards, the client can produce multi-layered webs using two different blends for the external layers (higher quality fiber) and the inner layers, with substantial benefits in terms of production costs.

To follow targeted Chinese market“s”

In China, there is a trend of shifting textile production to western region and neighboring Southeast countries. As Marzoli is relaunching its technology in China, this trend affects the way the company should approach the market.

“Because China is so big and the market requests so high in terms of service, the company will have to follow closely the targeted areas with local specific initiatives,” Marzoli explained. “Rather than Chinese market, it would probably be more appropriate to talk about Chinese markets!”

Meanwhile, Marzoli has also been looking for strategic partners available locally to guarantee an effective local service which will be continuously improved in the forthcoming years.

Exhibit highlights

Marzoli at ShanghaiTex 2017 will exhibit two machines: the card C701 and the spinning machine MST.
Marzoli C701 card.
Marzoli C701 is one of the most advanced cards in the world. Its working width of 1.5 m and the carding area of 3.74sqm allow reaching the lowest carding density (lowest fiber per point ratio) and consequently outstanding carding standards for any type of fiber: cotton, man-made and technical fibers.

Marzoli MST is a modern, electronic spinning machine which incorporates all the best of European spinning technologies. Independent drives for drafting system, ring rail and spindles allow to set all technological parameters from touch screen and to produce top quality fancy yarns (slub, multicount, multitwist, reverse slub and all their possible combinations) without any mechanical modification to the machine.

The machine on exhibit will also be equipped with Marzoli Mac3000 compact system, a state-of-the-art solution which guarantees outstanding quality results on a vast range of yarns. The machine can also be set to produce core and dual-core yarns.

At ShanghaiTex 2017 Marzoli will also present the improvements and advancements implemented on its software platforms, YarNet and MRM. The two products are the result of an impressive project which took 4 years of designing and testing. They allow an easy and quick management of yarn production and a substantial optimization of the entire spinning process. They were presented for the first time to the market at ITMA 2015 and since then they have been substantially refined and enriched.

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