Eco PulsarS automatic winding machine.
Eco PulsarS automatic winding machine.

The main focus of Savio for ShanghaiTex this year is to present its high performance, energy saving and less labor intensive products to the Chinese customers.

As a leading machine manufacturer in the yarn finishing sector, Savio will highlight the Polar Evolution winding machine at the show. The machine gathers all the innovative solutions and proved to be a further step for the Polar family to catch the trend of I.T. connectivity and new fibers applications.

Being the bridge between the spinning and the downstream processes, the automatic winders must have high productivity output and assure the quality of yarn and package formation.

“At present, the actual market trends are represented by digital solutions for machine connectivity, automated solutions for workforce efficiency, and quality output solutions for catching the new textile and synthetic fibers applications,” shared Mr. Paolo Puntoni, Marketing Director of Savio.

Sustainability is also a trend for all textile machinery manufacturers. Therefore, it is one of the key areas in which the Savio R&D team focused when designing new machines. An outstanding example is the Eco PulsarS, an innovative automatic winding machine for satisfying customers’ higher requirements on sustainability.

“The birth of EcoPulsarS winding machine was to address the key environmental issues of the spinning production process. It is one piece of equipment able to reduce costs, energy, waste, dust and noise,” explained Mr. Paolo Puntoni.

According to him, spinning mills can save up to 30% for power bill with Savio’s EcoPulsarS and its innovative platform.

Gearing up for a much better future
Mr. Paolo Puntoni, Marketing Director of Savio.

For market growth in the industry, Mr. Paolo Puntoni feels that the market is in a “wait and see” mode due to many unstable economic and political situations worldwide. However, some encouraging signs are indicating that it is time for gearing up for a much better future.

Thanks to more Chinese customers looking for more sustainable solutions, Savio’s business in China is good. “With the Savio Shandong facility and the local sales and after-sales network, we are close to the customers. We can develop partnerships with local mills, allowing us to maintain a leadership position, proposing also technologies identical to the ones used in the Italian production workshop,” said Mr. Paolo Puntoni.

However, the company does not consider expanding its production in Asia at the moment. “But the two manufacturing plants in China and India are the demonstrations of the centrality of the two major textile markets in the globalization strategies of Savio,” explained Mr. Paolo Puntoni. 

Meanwhile, developing smart industry solutions is the key focus of Savio now, as Industry 4.0 is the actual trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

Mr. Paolo Puntoni further elaborated that “connectivity, data management, remote machine set-up and operator real time interactivity” is the Savio way for smart solutions for textile mills.

For Savio, all new “smart” components developed must be able to transmit data online.

Polar Evolution winding machine.Exhibit Highlight

Savio will exhibit at Shanghaitex the Polar Evolution winding machine. The machine on display will be a freestanding fully automated one.

Extremely popular all over the markets, Polar model has been recently developed to the Evolution series, gathering all the innovative solutions in terms of technology, efficiency, quality output and maintenance.

Polar Evolution/ E Premium free standing winder is provided with new features to process bobbins produced by ring frames not equipped with automatic doffing device. This is an alternative solution for all those mills where mainly existing ring frames are without automatic doffing. "Premium" winder has been designed to evenly process those yarn bobbins, whose formation is not originally "favourable" to reach efficiency, keeping also the minimum number of operators.

This machine aims at the same winding efficiency of the link solution.

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