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The Arioli Group was established in 2012 with the merger between Arioli S.p.A., Brazzoli S.p.A. and MHM GMBH, globally recognized as the technological references in their respective fields of application.
Ecologic Plus: a new frontier for Brazzoli’s dyeing.
The integration of the three companies has enabled the Arioli Group to broaden its competences by designing and launching new technical solutions in the market, ranging from finishing to digital printing, from rope dyeing to printing finished garments, satisfying market demands.

Brazzoli, born in the late 60s, is globally recognized as a major landmark in high technology rope dyeing machinery, offering customers a solution for every type of product and need. Thanks to the new technology of Ecologic Plus rope dyeing machines, the company has recently registered a significant increase in sales.

Brazzoli has created the new O.P.S. (Optimized Performance System) to replace the traditional system W.S.S., allowing an even better liquor recirculation control. The fabric handling system has been revised to increase the fabric speed, avoiding pilling and crease mark problems even on the most delicate fabric.

As said, the machine solidity has reached an even higher level. While the maintenance process has been changed, down times are drastically reduced and consequently optimizing production cycles.

Equipped with the highest production and quality standards, the Ecologic Plus dyeing machine is able to guarantee high performance thanks to its mechanical reliability and reduced maintenance time.


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Perfect the art of fabric patterning with Caru’ solutions are the most advanced technology in the field.After 50 years of experience in textile finishing focused on developing and producing all kind of sueding and corduroy machines, Carù, an Italian company considered a market leader in high quality machines has been selling its products in all over the world since the 1960s. Its range of quality products, are successfully established in markets for woven, knit as well as technical textiles.

Caru’ Pattern sueding technology, with the very latest technical features combined with modern control equipment and electronics, provides the technical process conditions that are expected of such a process today.

The new model S330 Pattern Sueding machine incorporates new features to achieve the above targets. Already many S330 machines are running in large factories worldwide.

Perfect the art of fabric patterning with Caru’ solutions for any kind of fabrics are the most advanced technology in the field.

Whether richly patterned dress or tie fabrics, upholstery fabrics, damask fabrics, sportswear, labelling or sophisticated technical textile, with Caru’ machines users can produce a creative and profusely diverse assortment of high quality woven and knits of both and synthetic fibers.


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Fadis is able to offer the most appropriate machine range to prepare yarns, in the form of Packages, FAPP, Muff and Hanks.
Italian based Fadis is able to offer the most appropriate machine range to prepare yarns.
With the SINCRO M, a new concept of winding machine with precision crossing and electronic yarn guide which can reach speeds up to 1.750 m/min, it is possible to produce FAPP low density packages (FAdis Precision Package). It allows for wide retraction margins of the yarn during the dyeing phase, thus keeping a high residual elasticity percentage of the elasticized yarn.

Therefore, with this widely tested technological system, and the possibility of unwinding the FAPP with the SINCRO RFM SW rewinding machine with its “on-line” tension control, it is possible to obtain qualitative results quite similar to hank dyeing but with the same simplicity and economy typical of yarn package dyeing.

Thanks to an historical experience matured in the winding field, especially with the SWIFTENS tension controlled hank winding system, aware of the difficulties connected to the unwinding of low density packages, Fadis was the first to develop  the SINCRO RFM SW rewinding machine with precision crossing and electronic yarn guide with a tension controlled motorized unwinding device with “à la déroulé” system to unwind the FAPP, Muff, Bobbins and Hanks on their various feeder supports.

With the “à la déroulé” system at a speed of up to 1.400 m/min means three or four times faster than any other existing technology, according to Fadis.


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Leading Italian producer of electronic yarn feeders, LGL ELECTRONICS, will be showcasing a range of advanced and sustainable yarn feeding solutions at ShanghaiTex 2017. LGL’s product range includes yarn feeding solutions such as:
The ECOWINDER is the latest model made by LGL HANGZHOU.
Feeders for Knitting:

  • SPIN 1, ECOPOWER, ECOMPACT and the MINI series that includes MINI+ and MINI CB made in LGL HANGZHOU. They are suitable for all types of knitting machineries. 
  • MINI feeders have built an excellent reputation in the market where they are successfully performing in many different applications like seamless, socks, large diameter, flat knitting and more.

Feeders for Weaving: 


ECOWINDER is the latest model made by LGL HANGZHOU, its main features: 

  • new design, reduced dimension and weight (4.8 kg)
  • remarkable reduction of power consumption compared to other feeders in market
  • new optical sensor on the feeder drum for input missing yarn and winding count
  • Available also in the version with 3 optical sensor controlling: input missing yarn, winding count and yarn reserve
  • smoother yarn angle inside the feeder, to  reduce yarn stress
  • maximum torque at both high and low speed

Loepfe Brothers
Loepfe Brothers is the world-wide leading manufacturer and solution partner for electronic online quality assurance systems.

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From Switzerland, Loepfe Brothers Ltd. with its optical yarn clearers has revolutionized quality control in the textile industry. Today, Loepfe is the world-wide leading manufacturer and solution partner for electronic online quality assurance systems.

Loepfe guarantees 100% quality monitoring for winding and open-end spinning mills.

The optoelectronic yarn clearers have made history. The measuring principle comes closest to the assessment by the human eye, with a technological top performance at speeds of two thousand meters per minute.

Loepfe is also accredited supplier of all well-known weaving machine manufacturers. The company develops tailor-made overall solutions for machine manufacturers that ensure 100% weft thread insertion.

For laboratory solutions, Loepfe’s test instruments follow a new ground-breaking philosophy. It made the lab processes more efficient by integrating various textile test procedures in one laboratory system.

Matex has been manufacturing and exporting machines for industrial processes.

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Since 1973 Matex has been manufacturing and exporting worldwide machines and plants for industrial processes from roll to roll on paper, plastic film, textile, nonwoven.

In many years the company installed several lines for coating, impregnation, lamination and embossing. It is today an important player of the wide sectors of synthetic leather, splits leather and technical textile.

Matex’s machines can treat solvent and solventless compounds. The company has experience in water based chemicals as well. The production ranges from pilot to wide width equipment.

Focused on creating long lasting relationship, Matex support customers in all steps of the project, till start-up and after-sale service.