(Booth: W4 B22)

STARWASH is the groundbreaking washing box by MCS. Modular and compact in size, it allows both knitted and woven fabrics to be processed, thanks to the OVERFLOW & BUBBLE patented system.
STARWASH open width washing range.
As introduced, the fabric is conveyed through two internal motorized large sized drums, three return rollers on which load cells and a squeezer are mounted. The internal recirculation of the liquor in forced counterflow and the absence of spray nozzles provide a powerful washing impact as well as a gentle action on the most sensitive fibres.

It is the ideal washing cycle for synthetic and natural fibres, suitable for washing both after traditional and ink-jet printing, after wool fixing and bleaching and/or mercerizing. 

  • Liquor flow in forced counterflow
  • High efficiency washing “star” drums
  • Minimum liquor volume to fill the trough (only 350 l)
  • Specific consumption from 10 l/kg depending the color and type of textile processing
  • Best washing effect thanks to various recirculation devices and clean-water inlets (up to 3 times per minute)
  • Pressurised chamber containing the drum, for a perfect penetration into the fibre
  • Shaped profile of the pressurised chamber for an more efficient washing effect
  • Motors controlled by inverters
  • Optimised control of fabric draw, thanks to load-cells installed on each fabric transmission
  • Optimised filtering system after overflow, controlled by continuous reading probe
  • Compact and modular structure (components)
  • Reduced dimensions
  • Full management of the line via PLC
  • Reduced specific consumptions


(Booth: E1 B11, W4 G72)

Italian based Mesdan S.p.A. is a renowned manufacturer of Yarn Splicers and Laboratory Quality control equipment. 

In Hall E1, the Yarn Joining Division will display a variety of yarn joining techniques, particular interest is expected on:

  • MoistAir , launched a couple of years ago, its extraordinary results in splicing fine TENCEL yarns as well as DUAL core yarns (not only!) brought forward consistent orders and increasing success on the global level
  • Indigo Splicer, unique solution to knotless joining of  Denim rope-dyed indigo yarns
  • Special hand-operated Jointair models for technical yarns (carbon, glassifibre, HMPE), heavy counts
  • Hot Jointair, a quality splice benchmark for a wide variety of yarns, such as worsted, cashmere, viscose and polyester OE and AirJet yarns, fancy yarns, etc.

Mesdan splicers are available in both hand-operated and automatic versions. The latter aimed to replace old splicers on existing automatic winders with the latest splicing technology improving yarn quality and winder performances.
AQUALAB high volume moisture & regain tester.
In Hall W4, the Mesdan-Lab Division will display a selection of products, such as:

  • AQUALAB, high volume moisture & regain tester for loose fibers and yarn packages:

                           - extremely fast (over 5.000 test can be performed in one shift)

                           - perfect correlation with traditional oven drying system

                           - non- destructive method (no material waste)

                           - maintenance free and no calibration required

                           - ITMF and ICCTM recognized

  • BURSTMATIC,  pneumatic bursting tester, main features:

                           - suitable for testing 5 different test areas/sizes;

                           - fully programmable, it measures sample distension and cycling fatigue;

                           - large colour touch screen with live graphic display during test execution;

                           - Marks & Spencer approved

  • 9 position MARTINDALE, abrasion and pilling tester, due to its consistent quality and result reproducibility, the Mesdan MARTINDALE is considered a standard abrasion and pilling tester for major Chinese government Inspection Bureaus as well as International private testing houses
  • AIRTRONIC Plus, accurate, silent and fast worldwide reference for the air permeability assessment on a variety of materials (fabrics, non-woven, filters, leather, paper, etc.);
  • New LINER CUT RESISTANCE tester to measure cutting resistance of protective cloth and gloves, conforms to EN ISO 13997 standard.


(Booth: W5 A11)

Monforts will be placing special emphasis on its latest Denim finishing technologies at ShanghaiTex 2017, including the innovative ThermoStretch skewing unit avoiding the expensive need for steam-operated cylinder dryers.

The new ThermoStretch skewing unit from Monforts offers new and improved features for Eco friendly denim finishing avoiding the excessive use of ‘expensive to generate’ steam that was previously necessary for the cylinder dryers; thereby replacing the need for steam-operated cylinder dryers.
The new ThermoStretch skewing unit from Monforts offers new and improved features for Eco friendly denim finishing.
It also provides a much gentler treatment of the denim fabric during stretching than was previously achievable together with an optimized fabric hand.

The ThermoStretch unit also continues to be available as a ‘long stretch’ unit but without heating properties for the fabric.

Monforts has in depth ‘knowhow’ in high speed processing ranges for denim finishing with the ‘double rubber’ twin compressive shrinking unit working in tandem for working speeds even above 80 metres / minute.

The larger fabric content of the ThermoStretch unit in combination with the ‘double rubber’ twin compressive shrinking unit ensures minimum residual shrinkage values and highest production speeds which could not be achieved before.

In the denim industry, this concept is making a significant contribution to higher productivity and lower energy consumption and the company has references in Vietnam and Mexico.

Monforts will also highlight its texCoat coating processes and finishing of technical textiles, especially airbag materials at the show.

Monforts can offer completely integrated coating lines from a single source with the coating machine tailored to the subsequent Monforts drying technology.

The Monforts system has the shortest fabric path from the coating unit into the stenter and offers all variations of coating application systems, such as knife over air, knife over roller, magnetic knife or printing head. All of these options are also available in wider widths, with the engineering from a single source.

Special equipment for heat recovery and innovative exhaust air cleaning will also be on display.

Premium Textile Components

(Booth: E1 D30)

Premium Textile Components provides technology components and service facilities both for spinning mills and machinery manufacturers. The business group is represented on the market through five brands: Bräcker, Graf, Novibra, Suessen, and SSM.
Premium Textile Components provides technology components and service facilities both for spinning mills and machinery manufacturers.
Bräcker will exhibit the well-known, high quality key components for ring spinning machines. ONYX was successfully launched in April 2017, the ground-breaking surface treatment of the ONYX travellers facilitates a higher efficiency in the spinning mills. The improved gliding characteristics allow for an increase of the spindle rpms by up to +1000 rpm and prolong the life of the traveller by up to +50%.

Graf will present the wide range of products and service solutions for carding and combing, strengthening the leading position as a complete system provider.

Spindles with modern ring spinning machines can reach speeds up to 25,000 rpm. In these high-speed applications energy consumption is an important issue. Novibra is proud to introduce the new LENA (Low Energy consumption and Noise Absorption) high-speed spindles. LENA design has been developed from well-proven Novibra Noise Absorbing System Assembly (NASA) which ensures minimum neck bearing load, minimum vibration and significantly lower noise level at high speed.

For Suessen, it will demonstrate the leadership in Compact Ring Spinning and Open-End Rotor Spinning Technology. One of the exhibit highlights is the EliTe CompactSet which is one of the world’s most in demand compact spinning systems. The EliTe CompactSet Advanced impresses customers with the innovative components and devices as the new EliTop Advanced with EliSpring, EliTube Advanced, Micramics insert and S+ lattice apron making the system even more attractive and more competitive in the market.

Prosino Borgosesia Rings is a market leader in the production of spinning and twisting rings.

(Booth: E1 B59)

Prosino Borgosesia Rings has been market leader in the production of spinning and twisting rings for more than 70 years. Its current annual production exceeds 9 million rings with a global market presence since 1946.

The company mission is to help spinning companies to get the most from their ring frames, for any type of fiber used, as well as achieve the highest speed rates while maintaining a high standard of yarn quality.

During the show, the company will celebrate the success of the Steelhawk flange ring and present several case histories testifying its top performance.

The company will also present its Steel Conical Rings 4+4 for fine yarn worsted application and its Sintered Metal ring Nylon 4 and Nylon 5 for fiber glass application.

Proxima Automation

(Booth: E1 D24, E1 D25)

The Bigagli self-acting mule.
The new Bigagli self-acting mule model B7DD is composed by two sections completely independent. This improvement brings more flexibility, more production and reduction of downtime. The new installed electronics and software allow an important energy saving.

The new Bigagli self-acting mule:

  • produces the best carded yarns from natural fine fibres
  • can work with most vast range of yarn counts without any mechanical adjustment (from yarn count 4000Nm up to 46000Nm – meter of yarn per kilo)
  • has the most competitive price (for the same production quantity)
  • does not need any maintenance, faults are minimal (almost zero)
  • is completely programmable and every yarn detail can be stored for future use
  • does not need compressed air
  • does not produce graphite powder (all brush-less motors)
  • has the lowest energy consumption 290Wh and reactive power (≈ 0) with Cos φ ≈ 1 per 1 Kg of pure cashmere yarn count 15000Nm with 300 twists/meter