The EFI Reggiani ReNOIR VOGUE model incorporates new electronics and best-in-class innovations for industrial textile printing.
The EFI Reggiani ReNOIR VOGUE model incorporates new electronics and best-in-class innovations for industrial textile printing.

Apparel producers can win with higher levels of productivity, new opportunities and growth with inkjet print, digital front end and production workflow technologies from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (EFI) showcased at the upcoming ShanghaiTex 2017.

New products on display include the EFI Reggiani ReNOIR VOGUE, an industrial textile printer designed for superior-quality direct-to-textile printing for fashion applications.

Building on EFI Reggiani’s 70 years of experience in advanced textile imaging, the new printer is said as the most-advanced leading-edge textile product in the EFI Reggiani ReNOIR product line, and gives users the ability to master speed and tension to ensure the most accurate fabric handling.

Whether it is for apparel and accessories, sportswear and footwear, or home textiles, the EFI Reggiani ReNOIR VOGUE can handle it,” according to EFI Reggiani General Manager Adele Genoni. “The new printer, along with the entire EFI Ecosystem of products like Optitex 2D/3D design software, Reggiani digital printers and inks, and our newest Fiery proServer offering, create an effective, more-efficient manufacturing model for the fashion space.”

Fashionable productivity and considerable savings

Taking centre stage in EFI’s stand at Shanghaitex, the VOGUE model is the first in a series of EFI Reggiani printers that will incorporate new electronics and best-in-class innovations for industrial textile printing. It prints at resolutions up to 2,400 dpi with 16 printing heads, 8 colours and 4- to 72-picolitre drop sizes.

As introduced, using virtually any type of textile ink, it also boasts an innovative recirculation system that saves ink and reduces maintenance during machine operation and between stoppages. The recirculation system also reduces the need for specific air conditioning and humidity controls, saving energy and reducing overall usage costs.

In addition, an innovative new enclosed printhead design on the VOGUE simplifies the carriage layout and ensures easier print head removal. A new composite carriage with a steel head plate eliminates the need to align individual heads. The printer also automatically detects substrate widths, centres images and sets margins for jobs. As a result, operators no longer need to measure fabrics before loading them.

New Fiery proServer version 6.5 with dedicated textile functionality

This new printer and the rest of the EFI Ecosystem incorporate the latest digital technologies for best-in-class performance. Making its debut at Shanghaitex, the EFI Fiery proServer version 6.5 digital front end (DFE), can be used with all EFI Reggiani digital textile printer models and features advanced colour management and screening technology.

The result for users is high-quality prints with saturated blacks, vivid colours, clean pastels and smooth gradients, without compromising fine detail designs. The DFE also provides important production tools including shrinkage correction and step-and-repeat management.

Your factory in your pocket

Shanghaitex visitors can also get a preview look at a future, cloud-based product, the EFI GO app. According to the company, this advanced new tool will give users mobile access to statistics and data in their textile production operation. With the app’s real-time print factory monitoring capabilities, users can better identify and track inefficiencies while staying apprised on overall manufacturing costs and performance.

EFI’s complete inkjet portfolio, which in addition to advanced textile printers includes industry-leading LED and UV inkjet narrow-, wide- and superwide-format technologies and ceramic decoration printers, gives customers profitable opportunities for the “Imaging of Things,” delivering greater product customization and appeal in everything from signage and packaging to décor, apparel and industrial manufacturing.

EFI is a global technology company based in Silicon Valley, and develops breakthrough technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents, with a wide range of printers, inks, digital front ends, and a comprehensive business and production workflow suite.

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