The baby footwear which is made from polyester spacer mesh and printed on Kornit Allegro.
The baby footwear which is made from polyester spacer mesh and printed on Kornit Allegro.
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Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, has announced that the company won the Hong Kong Digital Printing Award 2017 (Special Material Category), bestowed by the Hong Kong Digital Printing Association.

The award was given in recognition of the print quality of a pair of baby footwear, printed on a Kornit Allegro and using the company’s unique NeoPigment printing process.

The pair of baby footwear was made from polyester spacer mesh which means a challenge for many digital printing systems because of the thickness and elasticity of the material – the polyester mesh with its special structure will be destroyed by heating and pressing.

All Kornit’s printing systems however allow for high quality non-contact printing and are equipped with an adjustable head height mechanism: users can easily adjust the system’s print heads to accommodate the thickness of the printing substrates and output sharp and fine art designs precisely.

That way, Kornit managed to produce a high-quality, sharp and saturated print on the delicate substrate.

Kornit’s Allegro direct-to-fabric printing system is the true digital solution for roll-to-roll textile printing which eliminates the need for pre- and post-treatment for multiple fabrics, all within a seven meters integrated production line.

The Allegro eliminates the entry barrier to digital fabric printing, making it a solution of choice for businesses relying on multiple short runs and extremely short turn time. Through its simple operation, the system with its 1.80m printing width enables the development of new business models that cater for the strong trends of mass customization and personalization of textile in fashion and home décor.

The system has been in high demand around the globe recently. It offers amazing print quality, a vivid and wide color gamut, excellent color fastness and hand feel, a fully sustainable and safe process, and is OekoTex 100 certified and GOTS pre-approved.

The Hong Kong Digital Printing Award 2017 recognizes the best print works produced within the year, and this prestigious award ceremony honors the most esteemed digital printing vendors and promotes excellence across the plethora of digital printing services and solutions.