Thomas Höpfl (right) and Joseph Tsai(left) delivered welcoming address during the Mahlo session.
Thomas Höpfl (right) and Joseph Tsai(left) delivered welcoming address during the Mahlo session.
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Recently, German-based machine manufacturer Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG and China-based Monforts Fong’s Textile Machinery Co. Ltd (Monfongs) joined hands to organize a symposium for textile producers in Shantou City, on the eastern coast of Guangdong Province, China.

Around 200 partners and customers, mainly from the province, enjoyed the instructive presentations on the utilization of full potential of their machineries.

According to the organizers, this symposium aimed to bring the participants, especially the service technicians, the ways to create the best possible outcomes of the machines, including maintenance and additional equipment.

Members of Monfongs kicked off the symposium with the speech on the importance of service and maintenance in the morning. In the afternoon, following the welcoming address by Thomas Höpfl, Mahlo’s Sales Director and Joseph Tsai, Mahlo’s Sales and Service Agent Shanghai Kuantex, Jimmy Rong from Kuantex introduced the process control system Famacont PMC-15 that determines the thread density by means of a non-contacting, optoelectronic or imaging process.

As said, the machinery is a crucial component for knitting industry in Guangdong. The reason is simple. A consistent product is highly important as knitwear is sold by weight. However, in the production process, knitted goods are under substantial mechanical influences that entail stretching, leading to a reduced basis weight.

The PMC sensor at the inlet measures the course density and compares it to a pre-set specification. Corresponding to that, the computer sends a signal to the overfeed roller which regulates the fabric in-feed of the stenter machine. In this way, the elongation of the fabric is compensated at the best possible rate. Another sensor at the outlet measures and visualizes the final result.

Jimmy Rong demonstrated the method to get a better performance with their existing machinery by installing Mahlo Famacont PMC to increase the product quality and customer satisfaction. He also introduced Mahlo weft straightening machine, which provides similar outcomes like Mahlo Famacont PMC.

Höpfl explained: “The machines can deal with many difficulties and bring a competitive edge for our clients. The shorter downtime means that the production loss will be minimized and the profits will be greater in the end.” Questions and discussions sessions were then followed by the presentations.

The successful symposium was closed by an evening dinner, allowing the participants and business partners to network and intensify customer relationships.