YiwuTex 2018 will present 4 thematic zones catering to knitting, garment and printing industries.
YiwuTex 2018 will present 4 thematic zones catering to knitting, garment and printing industries.
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The China Yiwu International Exhibition on Textile Machinery (also known as YiwuTex) has been successfully held for 18 editions and accumulated rich network resources, large customer base and high market value. The 2018 edition will be renamed as "China Yiwu International Textile Fair" and held at Yiwu International Expo Centre from 17-19 May 2018.

The show will be jointly organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., Yiwu China Commodity City Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Jinhua Printing Industrial Association to present 4 thematic zones catering to knitting, garment and printing industries, including exhibition on Knitting and Hosiery Machinery, Sewing and Automatic Garment Machinery, Textile Printing Industry Fair, and International Textile Expo. A comprehensive display of the world's leading textile machinery and cutting-edge technology will be showcased to build up a textile bonanza covering the entire spectrum of the industry supply chain.

Belt and Road” Strategy Brought New Opportunities to Yiwu

According to statistics, around 15,000 foreign merchants reside in Yiwu. Being inspired by the “Belt and Road” initiative, Yiwu has opened 9 railway lines and nurtured trading partnerships with 64 surrounding countries and regions. The total export of Yiwu was increased by 11.3% and reached RMB 91.25 billion from January to May 2017. Up to 50% of the increase was derived from countries along the “Belt and Road”. The wide geographical and commercial advantages have laid sound foundation for the development of textile and apparel industry in Yiwu and Zhejiang Province.

Government Favorable Policy Facilitates Textile Industry in Zhejiang Province

The supportive policy of the government also brings new opportunities to the textile industry in Zhejiang Province. At present, textile manufacturing is included in the implementation of “Upgrading of Traditional Industries Strategy 2017-2020” in Zhejiang Province. Yiwu is the pilot city for garment manufacturing industry upgrading, which has been arranged the government special fund of RMB 30 million. It is positively expected that the gross value of local garment manufacturing industry will reach RMB 36 billion by 2020, accounting for over 10% of the industry gross value in Zhejiang Province. Riding on the geographical advantage brought by the “Belt and Road”, and commercial support from the government, YiwuTex 2018 will provide an outstanding platform for the textile industry to develop and thrive.

Informative Concurrent Events Meet Market Needs

The “Upgrading of Traditional Industries Strategy 2017-2020” has risen out 3 major challenges confronting most textile and garment enterprises in Zhejiang Province: weak brand awareness, lower design level, and the lack of professionals. To further discuss and address these problems, a series of concurrent seminars will be held concurrently during YiwuTex 2018, introducing the latest design trends and innovative technologies to help Zhejiang textile and garment industry realize smart and sustainable development.

Scheduled event topics include:

  • The Prospect of Functional Knitting Technology in Multiple Applications
  • Smart Manufacturing of Textiles
  • Sustainable Future of Printing Textiles
  • The Latest Applications and Trends in Digital Printing Technology

More Textile Technology Applications at Knitwear Display Zone

YiwuTex 2018 will continue to cooperate with premium exhibitors and established institutions to showcase the latest textile applications in traditional and emerging fields of knitting, garment, hosiery, fashion, seamless underwear, functional apparel, digital printing textiles, healthcare and footwear, etc.