SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system generates highly realistic simulations that permit virtual sampling.
SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system generates highly realistic simulations that permit virtual sampling.

Given that efficient, sustainable production is highly sought after in China and Asia, leading computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer SHIMA SEIKI expects an increase in demand for its APEX3 design system and WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machines.

The company will focus on demonstrate the effectiveness of its newly revised TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM at ITMA Asia + CITME 2018.

The TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM merges SHIMA SEIKI’s SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system with WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machines to achieve smart, speedy and sustainable production, benefiting all types of businesses such as yarn, apparel, knitting companies as well as retail stores.

Garment manufacturers in China have recently expressed a great deal of interest in WHOLEGARMENT® technology, and many have already made the commitment by purchasing several sets of machines, according to the company. The technology practically eliminates the need for sewing or linking after knitting, therefore reducing the reliance on labor.

In addition, the Chinese domestic fashion market has been growing, leading to an enormous rise in demand for knitting machines.

However, simply adopting WHOLEGARMENT® as a means to reduce labor and cost does not take the full advantage of the potential the technology has to offer,” said SHIMA SEIKI. “Presenting the revised TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM concept for efficient, sustainable production is our main strategy for the Chinese market.”

The MACH2XS WHOLEGARMENT® machine of SHIMA SEIKI.Knitting and WHOLEGARMENT® in higher demand

SHIMA SEIKI believes that knitting will increase its share in the textile industry because of its stretch characteristics and all-season potential. In particular, for industrial applications, brand new markets with potential will open up.

Technical textile industry is still searching for potential methods to bring the textiles to shape. If the search is for a stretchable, breathable material, then it would be knitting. If that material has to be shaped in 2 dimensions, then it would be flat knitting,” explained the company. “If that material has to be formed into a three dimensional shape, then the answer would be WHOLEGARMENT®.”

Meanwhile, 3D knitting is regards as one of future trends in the knitting sector. To SHIMA SEIKI, WHOLEGARMENT® and 3D knitting are one and the same.

We can say with confidence that WHOLEGARMENT® is the advanced and complete form of 3D knitting available in the entire industry. Three patented developments are key to commercially successful 3D knitting, each of which are exclusive to WHOLEGARMENT,” explained the company.

The three patented developments referred by SHIMA SEIKI are:

  • DSCS or Digital Stitch Control System with intelligence, an improved version of the companys original DSCS that measures and controls yarn feed for maintaining consistent loop length and product quality, which is crucial to 3D shaping;
  • The four needle bed configuration that is required for knitting in tubular 3D form using all needles; and
  • The patented SlideNeedle which was specially developed to overcome the limitations of the conventional latch needle to support the special knit and transfer techniques required for use with four needle beds.

TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM under spotlight

At ITMA Asia + CITME 2018, SHIMA SEIKI will be displaying the latest WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machines, computerized knitting machines and design systems, as well as some latest knitted samples.

WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machines are capable of producing an entire garment in one piece using only the required amount of yarn and without the need for linking or sewing, allowing significant savings in time, cost and materials.

The SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system is capable of generating high-quality and highly realistic simulations that permit virtual sampling, which eliminates the need for producing actual samples in the sampling stage.

The TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM which combines WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machines and APEX3 design system realizes real sustainable textile production.

SHIMA SEIKI’s booth (H4 C07) will dedicate a large area to present the TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM. Meanwhile, smaller areas will be set up for customized presentations to individual customers.