A1 air-jet weaving machine is equipped with the new, patented DORNIER SyncroDrive drive.
A1 air-jet weaving machine is equipped with the new, patented DORNIER SyncroDrive drive.
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Due to the high-tech boom in China, technical textile market has been rising rapidly in the recent years. More and more Chinese textile companies are choosing weaving machines from Lindauer DORNIER GmbH, in order to meet the growing demand for high quality technical fabrics.  

As introduced by Mr Boch, Head of Central Marketing und Communication at DORNIER, in China, the company’s weaving machines are used to create fine scarves and elegant women's apparel from cashmere wool and silk as well as intricate airplane parts from carbon fibers. This last category is part of the growing global market for technical textiles, which is supplied with special coatings, airbags, tirecord and filters.

To DORNIER, China has always been an important market. “Due to the growing demand for higher quality textiles, China has become the company’s biggest market,” said Mr Gerd Schmitz, Head of Business Unit Weaving Machines China at DORNIER.

He also added that in addition to China, Vietnam and South Korea are also the potential textile markets in Asia and more and more technical products are produced there.

Main drivers for the increasing demand

Popular topics like protection against pollution, sustainability, reduction of fuel consumption as well as safety are some of the main drivers for innovations in the field of technical textiles, according to Mr Karcier, Head of product management at DORNIER.
P2 rapier weaving machine can produce wide, seamless fabrics for high density air and water filters.

“Woven fabrics are superior with regard of their specific characters to solve the today’s challenges in these fields. With technical textiles, the solutions are offered. Some examples are light-weight materials, filters and innovative airbags,” noted Mr Karcier.

In light of the high-tech trend and growing demand, at ITMA Asia this year, the German technology leader will exhibit advanced weaving technology for producing high performance fabrics.

The company will impress visitors at the booth (H3 C15) with a new P2 rapier weaving machine in its powerful configuration. This machine is able to bring a reed beat-up force of up to five tons for producing wide, seamless fabrics for high density air and water filters. One of the applications of the machine is to produce filter fabric.

Another highlight of the company is the A1 air-jet weaving machine. The machine is equipped with the new, patented DORNIER SyncroDrive drive concept with energy efficiency class EFF1 motors increases speeds by up to 10 % with minimum heat development and the same energy requirement. The patented drive is very gentle on materials, which significantly improves the service life of shedding elements. This in turn extends machine service life and helps to reduce operating costs, delivering high function and quality reliability in fabric production.

Moreover, the A1 air-jet weaving machine can produce a variety of fabrics ranging from car upholstery to airbag, which will be showed at the booths of DORNIER and Van de Wiele (H3 C01) respectively.Weaving mill.

“With our recently launched P2 rapier machine for heavy fabrics, we could extend the range of applications,” commented Mr Karcier.

Focus on R&D for more innovative solutions

Mr Karcier also revealed that the company will continue to invest a big portion of the turnover in R&D activities to intensify its position as a technology leader. “A quite big number of new innovative products in the portfolio of our company are the proof for the innovative strength of Lindauer DORNIER. We not only offer machines with high productivity for mass production, but also machines with high flexibility to be prepared to the challenges of tomorrow.

In the next few years, the company will concentrate in the niche technical products market such as filter Fabrics, airbags, car sittings and home textiles, according to Mr Schmitz.