The new BEAMPRO yarn repeat reading-in machine will be unveiled at the show.
The new BEAMPRO yarn repeat reading-in machine will be unveiled at the show.

The textile industry has become increasingly convinced about the benefits of automation, and experienced higher production speeds and quality output by shifting from labour-intensive manual processes to automated processes in many production steps, such as warp reading in at sizing, warp tying, and warp drawing-in.

In view of this, at ITMA Asia + CITME 2018, Stäubliwill offer an extensive range of solutions that allows weavers and knitters to respond to market demands and trends easily and rapidly whilst operating with utmost efficiency.

We look forward to welcoming customers and other interested visitors to discover our expanded portfolio, especially our latest novelties,” said Ms Nadine Reinwald, Communication and Media Relations Officer of Stäubli.

A new BEAMPRO reading-in machine, an automation aid for sorting coloured warp sheets at the sizing machine will be unveiled at the company’s booth (H3 E01). The BEAMPRO machine enables weaving mills that use beam-dyed warps to boost their efficiency with perfectly and rapidly sorted warps that can be flawlessly drawn in afterwards even faster.

Meanwhile, at Deimo’s knitting solutions booth (H4 D14) in the knitting hall, a D4S automatic toe-linking device for shorter sock production ideally illustrates the key advantages Stäubli offered. This automation solution allows mills to close the toe of the sock directly on the knitting machine. The device will be showed in operation on two circular knitting machines.

LXXL electronic Jacquard machine is available in formats with up to 25,600 hooks.

These recent innovations significantly shorten the production process and give textile mills the flexibility to easily respond when it comes to style changes – while simultaneously assuring production performance.

Talking on high-speed production, which is one of the key trends in the industry, the company provides a series of solutions, such as cam motions, electronic rotary dobbies, and Jacquard machines, supporting a continuous weaving process. 

Meanwhile, a more recent trend is large-format weaving and the company’s broad range perfectly suits this trend.

“For example, we offer the SAFIR S30 automatic drawing-in machine in a new format for up to 16 carrier rods. The Stäubli LXXL Jacquard machine is available in formats with up to 25,600 hooks. And our cam motions and dobbies are designed to handle heavy stroke forces,” explained Ms Reinwald.

In order to strengthen its position as a global player in three industries, which are connectors, robotics, and textile solutions, Stäubli recently acquired a German company to round out its portfolio of connecting solutions and a 70% stake in WFT GmbH & Co KG, a manufacturer of special-purpose machines and mobile platforms.

These two acquisitions expand the Group’s capabilities – the one in new complementary fields such as large-diameter couplings, breakaway technologies, and cryogenics, and the other in further developing guided vehicles (AGVs) and automation add-ons.

Asian market driving industry growth

To Stäubli, Asia is the number-one driver of the international textile market today whilst Middle East countries have been suffering under adverse geopolitical influences.

Ms Reinwald pointed out that China currently remains the major market in Asia while smaller neighbouring countries are also gaining more and more significance. “India is very important as well. However, more investment is needed in order to exploit the market’s full potential,” she commented.

On the other hand, the US textile industry is regaining momentum while the South American countries are struggling with domestic challenges and stagnated growth.

Emphasis on customer satisfaction

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Stäubli delivers product portfolio that suit the needs of the market and high-quality customer services, including after sale service.

“This focus will be continued in the future”, Ms Reinwald underlined. “Even in markets that are still developing, we set up local offices to closely support our customers. For example, our Vietnam office provides fast, local service to weavers and knitters throughout the country.”