The new six-chamber Montex stenter has a working width of 2.2 metres.
The new six-chamber Montex stenter has a working width of 2.2 metres.
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Spanish circular knits finishing specialist Tinfer has commissioned a new six-chamber Montex stenter by Monforts at the Pineda de Mar plant.

As introduced, the new six-chamber Montex stenter, which has a working width of 2.2 metres, is one of the first in Europe to benefit from the integration of the self-cleaning Monforts Eco Booster heat recovery unit.

The Eco Booster is equipped with an electric drive for computer-controlled optimisation of the heat exchanger’s performance to the prevailing exhaust air streams – something that is not possible with purely static heat exchanger modules.

The new line is fully automatic, with all the intuitive features operators will be familiar with from touchscreen smart phones and tablets provided by the Monforts Qualitex 800 control system. This makes navigation extremely easy and has considerably cut down the time required for Tinfer’s operatives to become familiar with the system.

The emphasis can only be on constant high quality, which our customers expect as standard,” said General Manager Xavier Alabau Basart. “This in turn relies on both our own high standards and working with trusted suppliers. We needed to invest in a third stenter to increase our capacity in response to higher demand from our major customers, and this time decided to opt for the Monforts system.”

Tinfer has adapted over the years from being a supplier of commodity textiles to establishing a reputation as Spain’s specialist in swimwear and sportswear – and especially in the dyeing and finishing of circular knits with a high degree of stretch, based on elastanes with polyesters, polyamides, cottons and their blends.