The Lonati machine equipped with needles and parts of Kern-Liebers can produce the whole sock in one step.
The Lonati machine equipped with needles and parts of Kern-Liebers can produce the whole sock in one step.
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Modern single cylinder hosiery machines are able to produce socks in good quality and with high production rates. The quality of the knitted product depends heavily on the quality of the needles used.

Kern-Liebers Textile offers high quality needles for machines used for the production of socks. For example needles from Kern-Liebers meet the OEM specifications of the global market leader Lonati. They fulfill the demands in terms of quality and are highly flexible, with good surface integrity and rounding.

The company showed a Lonati machine equipped with needles and parts of Kern-Liebers. The machine can close the socks after the knitting process. “In the past, we produced needles for this kind of sock machines as well as parts for sewing the socks. But now the socks can be worn directly out of the machine,“ said Josef Hetzel, Area Sales Manager Asia.

Kern-Liebers also offers a comprehensive product range of machine parts, e.g. sinkers, transfer jacks, selectors, cylinder bars, and various others. Some of the parts are partially hardened in areas, which are subject to heavy strain, for example the butt of selectors.

With many years of experience in stamping technology, the company produces technically demanding parts, for example, sophisticated transfer jack forms. Most of the parts have been developed in close co-operation with leading machine manufacturers.

New generation of Kern-Liebers Relanit sinkers

The textile market is in continual change. The technical standards of the machines and the know-how of all persons involved become higher and higher. In addition to the need of high speed machines, the specifications of the knitted fabric require increased standards with regard to the strength and mesh structure.

For the Relanit machines of Mayer & Cie., the demand for high-quality knitted fabrics increases continuously in many markets. As a result, the machine settings and the tolerances need to be constantly improved which also leads to higher and changed specifications for the Relanit sinkers.

Kern–Liebers developed a new generation of Relanit Sinkers which meets the latest requirements of the market. This new generation enables the production of all kinds of knitted fabrics. A uniform pattern can be ensured even for highly advanced knitted fabrics. Due to the new development the range of strength of knitted fabrics can be considerably extended.