MPS-G System offers the possibility to link all individual machines.
MPS-G System offers the possibility to link all individual machines.
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German machinery manufacturer Thies GmbH & Co. KG has concentrated on the development of innovative, intelligent and integrated concepts for yarn and fabric dyeing since 1892.

In a recent interview, Mr. Jochen Stillger, Director Sales, Thies GmbH & Co. KG, told CTA that the trend of Industry 4.0 and sustainability are especially strong in dyeing machines.

As everything is linked, especially also in the dyeing business, we are focusing on energy and water savings and on reducing all resources being used in the process chain to contribute to this. Industry 4.0 solutions will also offer further options to push forward in this highly automated environment,” Stillger said.

At its booth (H2 B108) at ITMA 2019, Thies will enable sustainable textile production with its innovative technologies and give customers the competitive edges in their markets to safely look into the future. “As the world is changing constantly, we invite our visitors to be part of this change,” he said.

Participating in ITMA is always about meeting people from all over the world getting new contacts and enhancing the network in- and outside of the industry. Finding new trends and opportunities by talking to business partners, scientists, professionals or friends makes it compulsory to join,” he noted.

In fabric dyeing, Thies will exhibit the well-known iMaster and TRD Series in their latest versions. As introduced, the new iMaster H2O is the culmination of 40 years’ experience in short liquor ratio dyeing. With its excellent running conditions, optimum use of inputs and reduced process times, the iMaster H2O represents a sound investment for any house, at the same time ensuring minimum environmental impact and ongoing sustainability.

For the yarn segment, the iCone will attract visitors with new functions. According to the company, the construction of the iCone is based upon the worldwide established eco-bloc series of Thies, and involves innovative new technologies. It has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of stringent international and local environmental protection regulations with simultaneous consideration of its economic efficiency.

 Moreover, as far as the Multi Product Supply Systems for dyes, chemicals and auxiliaries are concerned, the company will show a small MPS-G System offering the possibility to link all individual machines and contributing to interesting Industry 4.0 solutions.

Talking about the market situation, he commented that Thies was quite satisfied with the overall textile market last year. “Geographically, it was widely spread around the globe which makes the situation even healthier for us. If at all one can say that the sportswear sector was very active in 2018.”

We will continue our route to be an innovative leader in the textile dyeing sector for our customers,” he added.