Rotora dyeing machine from ALLIANCE MACHINES TEXTILES.
Rotora dyeing machine from ALLIANCE MACHINES TEXTILES.

The upcoming International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA) will be held from June 20 to 26, 2019 at Fira De Barcelona, Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. In Hall 1 and 2, there will be innovative exhibits related to finishing and logistics.

Hall 1 and 2: Finishing and logistics

ACM Engineering

Booth: H2 D209

At ITMA 2019, Italian-based ACM Engineering will be presenting a new fully automatic cotton pad machine. Thanks to the peculiar anti wrinkle system, the machine can produce up to 56 guaranteed bags/min, with high quality stitched pads and bags sealing.

The display model is equipped with several innovations, for example: the energy recovery system which produces power during machine movements, reducing the energy costs; the maintenance assistance on the machine monitor display, which shows how to proceed step by step with the machine maintenance, for quick and simple interventions. 

According to the company, the machine was developed for simple and versatile use. One operator can easily control 2 mirrored machines thanks to the high ergonomics, as the design keeps the touch screen panel, the bags warehouse and the rolls loading on the same side for easy operations. The whole area for the most important operations is in front of the operator during the entire production process.

ACM machines are specially developed to satisfy the practical needs of the production. The exit of the bags from the conveyor at table height allows easy connection in case of an automatic case-packer. In addition, every part of the machine allows easy and quick access for the operator during standard and extraordinary maintenance.


Booth: H2 B318

More air, less water are used in ALLIANCE machines, granting quality as well as managing more and more savings in treatment costs.

At the show, the Rotora dyeing machine, by means of a rotating beam, will be shown with an integrated drying device. As said, this combination allows wet treatment for both standard and technical fabrics, and achieves drying inside the machine before off loading.

Meanwhile, Riviera Eco Green is a round type dyeing machine with very low liquor ratio (1:2 to 1:3). Thanks to its air blowing system, tubular or opened knitted as well as woven fabrics can be dyed free from creases marks. Machines from 10 to 1000 kg capacity and storage baskets in various widths can be delivered, allowing dyeing of very light fabrics (100 g per meter) as well as very heavy ones (2000 g per meter).

Thanks to augmented reality system with 3D lenses, other ALLIANCE machines with very large capacities will also be presented in details.

In addition, visitors can use software to estimate very precisely their own annual savings when adopting ALLIANCE machines.


Booth: H2 B205

Benninger Küsters DyePad.

Benninger will be presenting its latest developments, including Benninger Küsters CPB dyeing centre, TEMPACTA washing steamer, TRIKOFLEX drum washing machine as well as BENNINGER Küsters MULITPAD - the new development for complex impregnation tasks.

Salt-free dyeing without the use of energy is only possible using the cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing process. This process is also becoming increasingly popular in tropical and subtropical regions, which is reason enough for Benninger Küsters to adapt the CPB systems even more effectively to the climatic conditions. The heart of the CPB system is the Benninger Küsters Dyepad.

The TEMPACTA washing steamer has been especially developed for all low-tension washing processes and is mainly used for diffusion washing (fastness washing). The online measurement of the degree of contamination regulates the necessary amount of fresh water in order to guarantee low water and energy consumption and ensure a high reproducibility of the washing result.

The TRIKOFLEX drum washing compartment has high mechanical washing efficiency thanks to the double drum technology and the front and back washing technology. Crease-free fabric transport is guaranteed, even with sensitive fabric. In addition, Benninger has developed a cylindrical expanding roller for particularly sensitive textiles for wet and steam applications, which will be exhibited at the show. The washing compartment is rounded off with the HYDROVAC vacuum-water extraction system. Since each reaction process is followed by a washing process in wet finishing, 70% of the energy consumption is incurred during washing. For this reason, Benninger washing compartments are insulated so that up to 50% of the radiated energy can be saved.

The newly-developed Benninger Küsters Multipad is an absolute highlight with regard to flexible impregnation tasks. The unit is equipped with an optional double impregnation feature and is suitable both for heavy denim articles and for very light knitwear. One of the special applications is over-dyeing and mercerising of denim. The Multipad is also used for cold bleaching and pre-treatment of knitwear.


Booth: H1 A208

AIRO is a new softening, drying and washing machine that will be presented by Biancalani at ITMA 2019. The machine gives a soft and voluminous appearance with great draping and elasticity.

As explained, this type of finishing is obtainable in the AIRO machine, both with and without the aid of chemical products, on any type of fiber. It allows obtaining an infinite number of finishing results on fabrics for applications in clothing, furnishings and decoration, on many types of knit, up to the terry towel, to non-woven fabrics and fake leathers.

The variant is Biancalani's flagship machine AIRO 24. It is a continuous open width tumbler, already widely sold in countries such as India, China and Turkey and many others. This continuous tumbler is already very well known and widespread in all textile finishing departments.

The Evo 5 version, to be exhibited at the show with its technical innovations, will offer ideas for reasoning and great interest for continuous tumbler users.

The latest technical innovations of AIRO 24 include a new ejector tube, a soft regulation system for the pneumatic sliding of the fabric, optimization of circulation performances, and fabric impact grid with variable geometry.


The new “EST 8.1” sueding machine from Carù.Booth: H2 B114

Macchine Carù srl has long experience insueding and close cooperation with customers, and builds machines of outstanding production for highquality in fabric finishing.

The new “EST 8.1” is a sueding machine having 8 rollers and 8 sueding rollers with a diameter of 200 mm, dynamically balanced with clamping/tensioning device for abrasive tape.

The machine can process fabrics with 8 sueding rollers on one side of the fabrics, or 4 sueding rollers on right side and 4 on back side of the fabrics. Rollers no.1, 3, 6, 8 can be provided with oscillating motion system.

Besides, special software is applied to the machine with the use of separate load cells, which can constantly measures the difference of tension from right to left side of fabrics,correcting  immediately such difference and obtaining a constant effects without centre-edges difference.

As on all the company’s machines, the sueding rollers can be made in light weight composite carbon fibre which is stronger, offering the advantage of a high rotary speed with good stability.


Booth: H2 C208

Corino Macchine’s SUPER N is a favorite pin wheel weft straightener among Chinese woolen/worsted producers.

The machine is famous for its high performance, thanks to the patented selvedge tension balancing roller which allows much higher running speeds and accurate weft straightening effect.

At ITMA 2019, Corino Macchine will present a new generation of SUPER N fully controlled by PLC and managed by touch screens, offering the advantage of memorizing and recalling various machine settings and fabric recipes.

The company will also showcase a re-styling of the SUPERSLIT rope opening/slitting line, which includes a completely new drop needle detection system as a further development of the GOLDEN EYE system.

The SUPERSLIT is also a favorite among many important Chinese knitting dye houses. The line offers superior performance as well as low fabric tension and fabric elongation.

FONG’s Europe

The Smartflow’s new bath preparation unit (BPU) and its patented satellite tank.Booth: H2 D101

FONG’s Europe, based in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, will introduce its THEN Smartflow TSF hydraulic high temperature dyeing machine.

The THEN Smartflow TSF was designed to achieve low energy and water consumption rates for jet dyeing, with achievable liquor ratios for a full load up to 300kg with a reduced kier volume and a liquor ratio down to 1:3.5 for cotton and 1:2.5 for synthetics.

FONG’s Europe has a number of patents pending on the innovative new features of this machine, including the Smartflow’s fabric transport design.

This Smartflow’s fabric transport design is based on a smart, winchless fabric transport system which eliminates the need for a loading rope, and a circular plaiter with programmable rotation speeds which provides full filling of the drop zone.

The chambers can accommodate variable loads in terms of both weight and material type down to 40kg for extremely flexible processing.

Each Smartflow TSF unit can be equipped with up to 8 chambers, in order to fully maximize productivity, while taking up to 40% less floor space than competing systems.

As introduced, the newly-developed nozzles and reel-less transport in combination with smart controlled circular plaiting and variable chamber adjustment provide even fabric treatment without entanglements and the highest loading capacity with the lowest kier volume.

Another innovation is the new bath preparation unit (BPU) and its patented satellite tank.

As the process times of jet machines have been continuously optimized over the past few decades, they have required an increasing number of service tanks for dyes, auxiliaries and hot water, adding both expense and additional space requirements.

The new BPU and satellite tank, with its automatic dosing and mixing programmes, working in combination with the THEN temperature management system, ensures the recipes are supplied in exact quantities, with dyes and auxiliaries well diluted and heated to the required temperature extremely rapidly.

The new THEN Smartflow allows fully reproducible processing with the optimized use of raw materials, water and energy, for  dyeing every time, according to the company.

Hydraulically driving the fabric without the use of a transport winch opens the door to reducing the tension during treatment and results in the highest relaxation of stretch and spandex fabrics.

Santex Rimar

Booth: H2 C106

Santex Rimar AG will be showing its well-known Santacompact RD felt belt compacting machine for the finishing of high-quality open-width knitted fabrics.

As introduced, this machine was specially designed for knitwear, enabling the highest performance and best fabric quality to be achieved with minimum production and maintenance costs.

Santacompact RD is a double felt belt compactor in one line with levelling frame at the entry.

This unique design of short and direct feed from the levelling frame into the special designed compacting zones ensures an excellent dimensional stability.

Santex Rimar AG will show the latest version with special designed felt belt features to ensure the gentle handling of cotton or cotton blended knits and to maximise performance.