Regina Brückner, CEO, BRÜCKNER.
Regina Brückner, CEO, BRÜCKNER.
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Industry 4.0 offers many new ways to operate textile machines in an optimized way with lower costs and fewer negative effects on the environment. BRÜCKNER, a German systems provider for dry finishing, supports its customers with innovations and developments in this field.

Our proven heat-recovery and air pollution control systems are well known in the market. At the same time, we are continuously optimizing our machines regarding energy consumption and environmental impact,” explained Ms. Regina Brückner, CEO, BRÜCKNER.

The company also offers a complete line system for the finishing of technical textiles.Commenting on the ongoing development of technical textile sector, Ms. Brückner has observed two tendencies.First of all, fashion has changed a lot and it needs to be functional. Functional sportswear is worn day by day – this is a strong trend and many innovative types of functionalization improve the comfort.

Secondly, technical textile is substituting other materials. New features increase the number of possible applications. To keep up with this ever changing and increasing demand, innovation is essential. The company goes up front and this will be reflected in its ITMA’s presence this year.

Highlighted exhibits to be displayed

She revealed that the company has developed its Denim line further and will debut some surprising innovations at its booth (H1 A203) at ITMA 2019.

We want to show the complete range of our competence which is stronger than ever. Our range of products has been considerably enlarged and our consulting competence is convincing,” she said.

The company will have several highlighted exhibits reflecting its research and development works of the last years, including multi-layer VNE stenter, minimum application unit, optimized indirect gas heating system, the new non-lub VN 1009 stenter chain and otherinnovative solutions in the frame of Industry 4.0.

Aspiring towards further ecological operation

According to Ms. Brückner, 2018 as a whole was a very successful and gratifying year for the company. “Our turnover was the highest in the company's complete history. There were a lot of activities in many markets and countries worldwide.Among them, China, India, Bangladesh, the USA, Europe, Turkey and Mexico were the prosperous markets for the company last year. Above all, Germany is a trend-setting market for technical textiles.”

In addition, accessing the fast-growing ASEAN market is also essential to the company. “We are prepared and take account of this market with the support of our local agencies and service organization in Thailand and Indonesia. Besides, we support the market with an experienced technologist living in Indonesia,” she continued.

BRÜCKNER believed that it is absolutely essential to invest in efficient and sustainable products, which should be at the same time of high quality standard.In the next few years, in addition to the technical textile sector, the company will focus on further reduction of energy consumption of machines and efficient pollution control.

Furthermore, thanks to the new production site which was opened in June 2018 in Bavaria, Germany, BRÜCKNER is well prepared for the future and able to serve its customers with shorter delivery times and larger machines.