HUMANIST - Off White.
HUMANIST - Off White.
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The perpetual mystery of what makes us human is the focal point of this trend. Humanist emphasizes our spiritual and mental evolution as we navigate a world where the value of emotional intelligence is ever increasing.

This engaging color story appeals to our nostalgic and expressive sides. Root base colors of rich brown and khaki symbolize strength and perseverance while celestial blue adds an enlightening element. Jewel tones are welcoming and shine in soft, plush pile fabrics.

Mango and persimmon applications range from accent colors in active or workwear inspired looks to embroidery details. Lush green evokes winterized botanical nuances while the whole palette updates reimagined plaid ensembles.

Bleached and pigment effects in denim add layered interest. This color combination shines in mismatched print and pattern ensembles for more individualized looks.


In self-reflection, we assess our conscious and sub-conscious addictions to digital and physical excess. The physical, digital, and mental declutter is restorative as we appreciate the poignancy of simplicity.

Elegant and understated, The Edit palette is a harmonious nod to the notion that less is more. Subtlety complex, this discrete palette works effortlessly well as a whole. Greyed lilacs are atmospheric while black incorporates definition. Nuanced greens elicit a sense of nature and balance while taupe shades ground the color story.

Clean lines and refined patterns work well with monochromatic shades while deeper colors are showcased in abstract motifs. Coatings and slick hands help to elevate a collection of colors traditionally thought of as being neutral. Static effects created through color and yarn selection update knitwear and shirting motifs.


Challenging preconceptions and illuminating Avant guard inspiration; Simulated is an experimental approach to designing our lives. Continuous advancements in science and technology pave the way for lab grown ‘natural’ materials linking the notion that sustainability and innovation are perpetual partners. This dynamic arena is a platform for everything from regenerative design to personalized health.

An illuminated color story that has both an erratic and experimental feel. Acidic shades of green and yellow have a manipulated aesthetic while icy grey and deep blue add a clinical backdrop. Bright and artificial shades of orange, green and pink are transformative as they ebb and flow in various phase changing techniques.

This dynamic composition of color serves to update tie-dye and molecular inspired fabric constructions for modern and innovative looks. Abstract texture in knitwear is inspired by lab grown materials.


An enlightening journey into a world of combined escapism and engagement. The bold expression of personal and cultural narratives inspire us to examine our own stories through a creative lens.

By using powerful immersive techniques, consumers are drawn into a world where they are part of the narrative and hopefully inspired to become part of the solution. Cultural exploration provides new avenues for people to discover the true hybrid creatures that we are.

This theatrical collective lavishes in the ideals of myths and fairytales that unfolds in captivating fashion. Crisp, stately teal and its glowing counterparts of sea foam and quirky yellow initiate the palette. Striking iterations of reds, purple, and pink round out the color collection in a vibrant fashion. Enchantingly modern interpretations make for unique ensembles and otherworldly updates of traditional patterns.

Landscape print motifs that range from whimsical to psychedelic are a canvas for these shades. Seemingly clashing colors, textures, and patterns are layered upon one another to tell the fashion story that is Modern Myth.

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