The new CARBO traveller from Bräcker offers up to 50% longer lifetime.
The new CARBO traveller from Bräcker offers up to 50% longer lifetime.

The 19th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2019) will be grandly held on 25-28 November 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. In hall E1 / E2, a wide range of spinning, man-made fibre & techtextile machines will be presented.

Hall E1 / E2

Spinning, Man-made Fibre & Techtextile Machine Zone


Booth: E1 A30

Bräcker, a subsidiary of the Rieter Group, will present a new CARBO traveller for ring spinning machines.

It is specially designed for man-made fiber spinners. CARBO is a new coating technology which improves the sliding properties. This results in up to 50% longer lifetime and a shorter running-in period. Recommended applications next to man-made fibers are also their blends, core yarns and all yarn counts.

In addition, Bräcker exhibits its well-known portfolio of high-quality products which meets the continually rising demands on the textile market like higher speeds and productivity. The rings and travellers offer long service lives, lowest yarn breaks and no thermal damages when processing man-made fibers.


Fadis will exhibit a new revolutionary high density electronic yarn guided precision winding range: SINCRO PLUS.

Booth: E1 A45

Fadis will exhibit a new revolutionary high density electronic yarn guided precision winding range: SINCRO PLUS, which represents a new concept of winding platform.

Thanks to more than 59 years of company experience in most advanced technologies and innovative solutions, the SINCRO PLUS range offers excellent quality, productivity, reduced operating costs and versatility available on the market today.

SINCRO PLUS range has:

  • TENS CONTROL electronic on-line yarn tension control system
  • On-line density control technology
  • Integrated automatic doffing system for soft winding, rewinding and assembly winding, able to drastically reduce the labor costs (from 50% up to 80%)



The MULTISHARP resistant alloy increases the lifetime of metallic card clothings on the cylinder by up to 30%.Booth: E1 A30 / E1 C35

Graf, a subsidiary of the Rieter Group, will introduce three novelties for the textile market: a new card clothing with up to 30% longer lifetime, a height adjustable comb and a helpful solution for card clothing management.

MULTISHARP, the unique wear resistant alloy for card clothings, increases the lifetime of metallic card clothings on the cylinder by up to 30%. Additionally, the work load of the maintenance team can be minimized by providing longer service cycles and less unplanned downtimes.

The yield on raw material can be increased without compromising the quality requirements – thanks to the continuous height adjustability of the new combs series.

The continuous and exact gap setting between nipper and circular comb on each individual combing head provides customers a new level on raw material utilization. Additionally, the maintenance people will appreciate the comfortable and easy installation of the circular comb.

With the card clothing management the overall investment costs can be reduced. This is based on minimizing the operational expenses including optimizing the overall equipment effectiveness. Graf’s card clothing management prolongs the lifetime of flexible flats by up to three times without comprising on the quality parameters throughout the entire life cycle.

Energy saving spindle LENA with clamping crown CROCOdoff.



Booth: E1 A30

Novibra, a subsidiary of the Rieter Group, will presents the latest innovations in spindle technology and energy saving measures at the forthcoming ShanghaiTex.

The energy saving spindle LENA has been designed for the highest speeds and lower energy consumption. It is the only spindle in the market with 17.5 mm wharve diameter and energy savings in the average of up to 6%.

The new generation of clamping crowns CROCOdoff and CROCOdoff Forte introduce genuine doffing without underwinding. The crowns work automatically depending on the spindle speed. The major advantages are significant reductions in maintenance costs. That is based on a lower ends down rate after doffing and minimized cleaning of the underwinding area.



Booth: E1 A01

Rotorcraft AG will introduce its GC GreenCompact Core at the show. A pre-requisite of high quality core-yarns is the location of the filament in the center of the fibers in a cross section of the yarn. This applies equally to soft- and hard-core-yarns.

GreenCore is the add on unit to fit GC Green Compact to spin compacted core yarn. Green-Core components will match all of the common basic core yarn systems available on the market.

In addition, Rotorcraft offers the Siro-upgrade-kit to fit all Green-Compact Premium assemblies for Rieter/LMW, PK or Yuhua/Changde drafting systems.

By replacing compactors and deflector of existing GC-P assembly, customers will be able to spin Siro twisted yarn from Count Ne 18/2 to 80/2.



FusionTwister spindle section.Booth: E1 D40

At the booth, the focus is on the highly efficient FusionTwister for staple fibre yarns. The FusionTwister sets the benchmark for the cost-effective production of two-for-one twisted staple fibre yarns.

The machines’ reliably low energy consumption is an important characteristic for decision-makers to take into account. Achieved by means of an optimised spindle drive as well as a great variety of spindle and feeding sizes for all kinds of applications, it is the main element in the equation of production costs.

Power consumption and costs are closely related, with energy efficiency positively influencing the return on investment, since it is daily challenge to process the maximum feeding weight while keeping electricity usage at a comfortable level. The machine’s short set-up times, fast air threading and easy handling were key considerations with regard to optimising ergonomics.

With the computer-controlled servo drive system, customers have a high degree of flexibility to wind the yarn onto cross-wound packages with a large variation in shapes and density. This vital factor enables them to be successful in a fast-changing market environment.

Other features adding to the FusionTwister’s versatility are the software upgrade and newly designed computer panel. This results in better readability and more flexibility, while creating the base for the Saurer mill management system Senses.


Precision package winder PWX-MTC enables quick response to market trends.SSM

Booth: E1 A30

SSM, a subsidiary of the Rieter Group, will present solutions for precision package winding and high package consistency and provides a wide range of renowned textile machines.

SSM enables yarn dyers to be successful – with the precision package winder PWX. Only a quick response to market trends in combination with high cost-efficiency enables customers to be competitive.

The winder offers clear benefits to dye package winding and rewinding of filament and staple fiber yarns, with or without lubrication.

For the XENO-platform SSM presents the first and only self-regulating backpressure system in the world: preciforce for a guaranteed package consistency. Furthermore, the next generation of the blade winding powerblade will be introduced for the XENO-platform.



Booth: E1 A30

COMPACTeasy is a compacting device available as plug-on/plug-off solution. Suessen, a subsidiary of the Rieter Group, will showcase the new compacting devices for high flexibility, new weighting arms and premium rotor spinning components for excellent yarn quality.

COMPACTeasy is the new mechanical compacting device available as a plugon/ plug-off unit for any ring spinning machine type and suitable for most common applications like cotton, man-made fibers and blends. COMPACTeasy is the solution in compacting without additional energy requirement.

New EliTe is a versatile compact-spinning system with new innovative components. The customers profit from higher productivity, better quality and lower operational costs. Upgrade packages and spare parts packages enable the customers to benefit also on existing installations.

The new Top Weighting Arm HP 4080 for roving frames offers a new design for easy settings and improved stability. In addition, consistent yarn quality over the lifetime is guaranteed.

Regarding premium parts the new SOLIDRING B 188 for rotor spinning machines offers a shorter and more aggressive saber tooth shape for better fiber opening and finally improved yarn quality. For semi-automated rotor spinning machines a new rotor cup design and fluted and spiral navels improve the yarn quality and enhance the spinnability of low grade cotton.



TOMSIC will exhibit a new version of evenness tester: “easy”.Booth: E1 A40

TOMSIC will exhibit at ShanghaiTex 2019 a new version of evenness tester: “easy” for yarn, roving and sliver.

The “easy” software offers unrivalled simplicity, and therefore, the operator can set and run the test in only one software window. The graphical and numerical results, perfectly aligned with world standards, are displayed in only one window for direct test comparison.

The flexible software, installed on a normal PC with Windows 10, allows automatic update of the latest features directly from the head Tomsic service station. This service is free of charge for its customers. This cost-free advantage guarantees that the customer’s equipment is always fully updated with the most cutting edge technology.

easy” data retrieval is based on the open SQL server database. This database, using the SQL principle, enables all data to be exported easily to other programs / databases. All parameters are with open access which permits free lan connection. The reports can be globally read on-line and in real time.