Benninger-Küsters DyePad allows salt-free dyeing without the use of energy by using the cold pad batch dyeing process.
Benninger-Küsters DyePad allows salt-free dyeing without the use of energy by using the cold pad batch dyeing process.

The 19th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2019) will be grandly held on 25-28 November 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. In hall W1 / W2 / W3, a wide range of printing, dyeing & finishing machinery; digital printing machinery and dyestuff & textile chemicals will be showcased.

W1 / W2 / W3

Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery; Digital Printing Machinery; Dyestuff & Textile Chemicals 


Booth: W2 D10

At ShanghaiTex, Benninger willshow a Benninger-Küsters DyePad Basic which is manufactured in Suzhou Benninger Küsters Machinery Co., Ltd.

This padder has been specially designed for the needs of the Asian markets, and focuses on easy handling. Two swimming rollers ensure a maximum deflection potential and allow dyeing of knit and woven fabrics without limitations.

Benninger is the textile machine manufacturer with the know-how of the original S-roller technology, which is synonymous with an even dyeing result across the entire fabric width.

In addition the Benninger-Küsters DyePad allows salt-free dyeing without the use of energy by using the cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing process. All these advantages and facts make the Benninger-Küsters DyePad to the leading CPB dyeing station with more than 80% market share in CPB dyeing.

Benninger has developed a contamination sensor for the washing compartments where the degree of contamination regulates the necessary amount of fresh water in order to guarantee the lowest possible water and energy consumption and ensure a high reproducibility of the washing result.



AIRBOX is a compact and high-performance, independent or in-line pre-dryer.Booth: W1 C20

Biancalani will host on the stand of its agent for China, SANTEX RIMAR SHANGHAI and will present its most effective, productive and advanced machinery. These features offer those who use them an effective saving of time, money and, above all, they allow great energy savings.

The main exhibited machine will be AIRO24 Evo 5, the fifth evolution of its famous continuous tumbler dryer for treatment of finishing of each type of fabric, which gives each treated textile an unmistakable hand, the AIRO hand.

At the same time, visitors will be able to get all the more detailed information on the other machines that Biancalani has developed over the past few years:

AIRBOX a compact and high-performance, independent or in-line pre-dryer, which can increase the drying capacity of fabrics of any other continuous tumbler up to more than 50%;

MILLA and IDRA two state-of-the-art milling and washing machines, with extremely high performance and with great productions for all wool fabrics.


Bianco Evotech Relax.


Booth: W2 B01

At ShanghaiTex 2019, BIANCO will present the Bianco Evotech lines for wet fabric, which facilitate the opening and slitting of rope tubular knitted fabric after washing, dyeing and reprocessing. 

Thanks to the unique modular structure and multiple available configurations, they are able to meet various processing requirements. The newly introduced Loop Control system is a proprietary technology used for synchronization by means of photocell without contact with the fabric.

The Loop Control system can measure the distance between the fixed cylinders and/or safety dancing roller and the fabric, change the speeds of the upstream and retain the measure of the constant fabric loop to have it soft and without stretching.



Booth: W2 B42

Ecologic Plus II is the machine for rope fabrics dyeing process designed and presented by Brazzoli .

As evolution of the previous Ecologic, this new version controls and automatically operates all the machine parameters (lap time, bath ratio, fabric absorption, pump speed, reel speed) according to the processed fabric.

The innovations introduced in the new Ecologic Plus II optimize even more its total automation. The new O.P.S. (Optimized Performance System) replaces the traditional units for a better control of dyeing re-circulation flow.

The control of the fabric movement has been improved to allow high working speeds without piling, crease marks and tensions. These new technical solutions provide a higher mechanical reliability while maintenance procedures have been changed for optimizing productivity thanks to reduced machines down-times.


Booth: W2 B43

Caru’ will introduce on occasion of SHANGHAITEX 2019 the last version of the new "EASY SUPREME TOUCH 8.1" SMART, a sueding machine having 8 units of sueding rollers or brushes or in combination suedings and brushes; smart system, allow the automatic control and adjustment of any edge to edge fabric tension difference (patented).

Sueding rollers can be full covered of diamond emery. Processed fabrics can be sueded on both side, just in a single pass: 4+4.


EFI Reggiani

Booth: W1 B05

EFI Reggiani VOGUE is an industrial textile printer designed for superior-quality direct-to-textile printing in fashion and sportswear applications.Under the theme of “Innovation in Green”, EFI Reggiani will showcase its sustainable solutions for direct-to-textile printing, denim dyeing and apparel design.

The centrepiece is the EFI Reggiani VOGUE, an industrial textile printer designed for superior-quality direct-to-textile printing in fashion and sportswear applications. The VOGUE model prints at resolutions up to 2,400 dpi with 16 printing heads, 8 colours, and 4- to 72-picolitre drop sizes.

In addition, the VOGUE printer boasts an innovative recirculation system that saves ink and reduces maintenance during machine operation and between stoppages. The recirculation system also reduces the need for specific air conditioning and humidity controls, saving energy and reducing overall usage costs.

The VOGUE printer is capable of using virtually any type of textile ink. At the exhibition, it will be running with EFI Reggiani IRIS sublimation inks to showcase direct-to-textile printing.

EFI Reggiani direct sublimation process ensures superior colour brightness and penetration, as well as fast turnaround time while increasing sustainability, by avoiding transfer paper waste.



Booth: W2 B51

ROTOCLEAN is an advanced scouring system for weaving oil removal.ROTOCLEAN is an advanced scouring system for weaving oil removal, internationally patented which will be presented by Ferraro, to treat any fabrics containing elastomer, polyester, nylon and removes the paraffin/wax used in the yarn dyed fabric weaving.

The special Ferraro’s patented technology applied to ROTOCLEAN working process allows to reduce considerably the emission of harmful fumes typical of the drying process, effectively eliminating the problem of fume reduction.

Completely made in stainless steel AISI 316L, the machine has been studied to satisfy the needs of low–energy impact processes. A patented system composed by pressurized spraying tubes, with a motorized system, is constantly rotating at a controlled speed allowing a high water exchange and an intensive washing of the fabric surface to remove all impurities, weaving oils and/or paraffins from it.

Each washing tank is connected to the special non-stop filter to perform a total purification of the water used in the washing process. The self-cleaning filter technology is present in both tanks (washing and rinsing) part of the individual sections of the machine. The tanks are fully equipped with pumps to recirculate the bath at a proper pressure.

The unit is designed with side disks equipped with S.S. fi ne nets with cleaning high pressure nozzles. A scraper rotating at slow speed removes continuously the sludge left inside the filter to ensure the maximum efficiency in the cleaning process.

This allows a perfect water interchange and recycle, to reduce drastically the supply of fresh water and energy needed.



Booth: W2 D17

Orthopac RVMC-15 weft straightener.Mahlo will present the latest developments in the field of straightening and controlling on running web, together with its long-standing sales partner Kuantex.

Visitors to the stand can expect an insight into the broad product portfolio of Mahlo systems. At one of the largest Asian trade fairs for textiles, the automatic straightening system can of course be seen. The Orthopac RVMC-15 weft straightener is the latest generation of a successful product that combines decades of experience with the latest technology.

The opto-electronic scanning for distortion detection with oscillating lens and newly revised digital signal processor is probably the most sensitive and versatile system on the market. Arranged on a carrier bridge, several sensors, evenly distributed over the width, detect the position of the weft yarn simultaneously at different points.

With its new generation of 15 machines, Mahlo is also responding to customer demands for increased connectivity of its machines. mSmart is the name of the German technology leader's concept, which defines the digital environment.

Visitors to the Mahlo and Kuantex experts will also be able to learn about the latest process for online control of the number of weft threads/meshes rows, which also determines and balances the basis weight.

The FAMACONT PMC-15 uses a sensor to measure the yarn or stitch density and compares it with the target value stored in the recipe data management system. The detected deviation of the yarn density from the nominal value is used to fully automatically regulate the advance during the pinning process on the stenter frame.

The so-called feed-forward control ensures a constant yarn/loop row density and a uniform basis weight. The special feature: the system can analyze both warp and weft yarns. Depending on the fabric speed and fabric type, the opto-electronic TK sensor can detect up to 220 threads/cm, the camera sensors CK and CK HF up to 270 threads/cm depending on the design.



Booth: W2 B50

POLARIS-28 is the updated version of double drum raising machine LISA 4.0.POLARIS-28 is presented by MARIO CROSTA at the show and it is the latest generation and the updated version of double drum raising machine LISA 4.0.

The configuration of this machine has been studied to be applied primarily to process knit fabrics made of artificial fibers such as Polyester, CVC, T/C, Elastane blends. Drums and cylinders have been reengineered to grant proper attack angles, full and complete coverage, thus continuing to allow faster and efficient speeds.

Draft rollers have been increased and wrapped with top-notch grip silicone tape, to assure excellent traction grade, avoiding sliding. The top precision tension control has been updated, enhancing a result combination that avoids the common problem of tension fluctuation of the other systems.

The use of high performance V-belts and double synchronization belts ensure a smooth and continuous transmission of power traction, guaranteeing a continuous raising force.

All data are fully managed by the PLC through the 15-inch Display, in order to store all the parameters into the machine’s backup memory.



Booth: W2 B20

MULTIWASH Rope washing machine.Dynamica is a vertical high-temperature rope-dyeing machine (143°C) produced by MCS and will be exhibited at the show.

It can be configured to prepare, dye and wash delicate and light fabrics (which can be dyed in two-rope mode), as well as items featuring heavy weights per square metre. It comes in the Sprint, Kappa and Sample models along with the related mesh, upholstery and terry towel versions.

Technical data:

• Liquor ratio untill 1:3,5 including washing phases

• Upper tank for liquor preparation MST with system

for the control / management of level

• Multi pump suction with variable speed motor

(Patent Pending)

• Micro touch-screen by Termoelettronica model PCTE

• Side tank for products, with pneumatic level probes and


• New system of product introduction

• Seam detector/fabric run control

• Continuous level control

• Water liter counter

• New wall wash system

• Filter in main delivery pump

• System for the reduction/liquor recycling and salt


• Drain by main pump, mod. MQD

• Plaiters for a better deposit/circulation of the fabric

• 2nd side tank for products, with pneumatic level probes and mixer

• Nozzles at adjustable section, Hidrovario

• Possibility to work in double rope

• Twinning operation option



Booth: W1 A10 / E1 A60

The latest Qualitex full touch panel control system has digital twinning capability and Smart Check and Smart Support apps.Monforts A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG will introduce the company’s latest developments. They include the latest Qualitex full touch panel control system, with its digital twinning capability and Smart Check and Smart Support apps, reinforced by the comprehensive Monforts Smart Sensor machine monitoring programme.

On the very latest Monforts machines, Smart Sensor technologies are controlling selected processing parameter and component, making it possible to access comprehensive technical machine data from any location using the Smart Support and Smart Check apps. The data is virtually mapped in the cloud in real time and provides an instant status overview of a machine’s performance.

At the same time, potential sources of error can be remotely anticipated and eliminated to considerably minimise downtime while the digital twin capability provides information on the individual wear parts of a system. As a result, operators can now see how long a part will last and when maintenance or replacement is necessary. Direct access to the integrated Monforts webshop then allows users to order spares at the press of the button whenever they are required.

This full digital control package is being made available for all Monforts machine ranges and makes operation smarter, and at the same time, considerably simpler.

Monforts will also be providing full details of its new CYD continuous yarn dyeing system which is based on the Econtrol technique – the most effective and established dyeing process for denim fabrics that is now being applied for yarn dyeing.

The fixing medium is a controlled by a steam/air mixture within the Monforts Thermex unit. With sulphur and reactive dyes in particular, the improvement in both quality and fixation is considerable, and with significant savings in energy and time due to the combined bleaching and padder fixation. The use of the Econtrol T-CA technique also allows the dyeing of cotton/polyester and other yarn blends.

The CYD system also integrates new functions and processes into the weaving preparation processes – spinning, direct beaming, warping and assembly beaming, followed by sizing and dyeing – in order to increase quality, flexibility, economic viability and productivity.

Further new concepts include the unique Eco Bleach process. This is the first bleaching system for yarn treatment available on the market and is combined with the washing units, after which the fabric is then dyed immediately, resulting in considerable savings in wastewater and chemicals.

It is possible to process short batches of yarn in order to produce minimum runs of finished fabrics in a single continuous process. By comparing the usual processing sequences within the denim industry with the new CYD system, the advantages become immediately clear.