The newly redesigned Vortex M6 is now equipped with a full color touchscreen controller.
The newly redesigned Vortex M6 is now equipped with a full color touchscreen controller.

The 19th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2019) will be grandly held on 25-28 November 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. In hall W1 / W2 / W3, a wide range of printing, dyeing & finishing machinery; digital printing machinery and dyestuff & textile chemicals will be showcased. In hall W4 / W5, knitting & hosiery machinery will be presented.

W1 / W2 / W3

Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery; Digital Printing Machinery; Dyestuff & Textile Chemicals 

SDL Atlas

Booth: W1 G19

SDL Atlas will display a variety of newly redesigned instruments, Vortex M6, Martindale, Autoburst and Launder-Ometer along with their new line of high quality SDL Atlas Test Materials and RemoteAccess, a revolutionary application lets operators track the real-time testing progress of instruments anytime and anywhere.

The newly redesigned Vortex M6, is now equipped with a full color touchscreen controller. Both the M6 Monograph and the LP1 washes are preprogrammed. Custom programs can be created and saved for later use including wash cycles of up to 80 hours.

The Martindale now features individual station lighting that gives a notification flash of the relevant station along with a beep to indicate the end of a test.                                     

The Autoburst is reengineered from the bottom up to provide unmatched performance for hydraulic burst testing for heavy duty samples. Some of the new features include station lighting, full-color touchscreen control and the flexibility to operate as either a stand-alone instrument or paired with a computer.

The Launder-Ometer has also received a complete redesign adding a full-color touchscreen pre-loaded with standard tests and muti-language interface. It has an automatic door that opens and closes with the press of a button. Sensors automatically stop the rotor from turning when the door opens.

Sedo Treepoint

Booth: W1 D01

Sedomat 8000 series comes in three different sizes.Sedo Treepoint will introduce the new developed Sedomat 8000 series to Chinese market - a controller range which is specially designed to meet the latest requirements of the Smart Factory.

Sedomat 8000 series comes in three different sizes and with many new cutting-edge features to match all customer needs. Sedomat 8007 has a 7‘‘ display, Sedomat 8010 comes with a 10,1‘‘ display and Sedomat 8015 is equipped with 15,4‘‘ display.

In addition to the benefits of the well proven Sedomat controllers, the new series is more flexible and offers different interfaces like CANopen, Profibus DP and Modbus RTU. OPC UA interface will enhance data to improve the communication between different production systems.

SedoMaster is the core of the production shop floor: intelligent central production planning, controlling, monitoring and reporting becomes available for all key operators and the management due to the integration of all dyeing and all finishing machines.

SedoMaster is a MES System which powerful reporting gives information on productivity, resource cost and OEE. The system also links all periphery like dispensers, dissolvers or ERP systems. Displaying of real time production data is also possible on mobile devices via the new SedoAPP.

SedoExpert is a PPS system and a management platform for textile plants which connects the ERP-System to the MES. Customers production orders are managed according the standard procedures.

Production is tracked and monitored in real time which ensures a clear organization of the workshop. The included TMS module can plan capacity and simulate the production planning through the complete workshop. It achieves the best possible production planning and machine utilization and efficiency can be increased through reduction of machine down- and wait times.

Sedo Treepoint offers many solutions, helping customers to protect the environment with delivering technology to reduce energy consumption, water and chemical use as well as wastewater. The products assist to save cost and resources and increase machine productivity and efficiency at the same time.

Within the past years, energy costs became one of the most important cost factors of the textile finishing industry. EnergyMaster calculates the energy consumption of production and provides all information for optimizing the energy use. This results in a better carbon footprint and it saves a lot of costs.

ColorMaster is an expert system for recipe management and color measurement. The Windows based software calculates the best and most cost-effective recipe for laboratory use and offers the best possible treatment and correct dye program selection in production. Colorimetric control for the different production steps and calculations of additions with additional treatments supplement the functionality of ColorMaster.

The perfect tool to optimize the wash- and rinsing process is Ecomat. It comes with optical RGB-technology and checks in the circulation the water clearness during washing/rinsing after the dyeing process. Connected to a Sedomat controller, it can automatically optimize and automate the complete washing/rinsing process.


SEI Laser

Booth: W2 B27

Matrix Textile is the outcome of SEI Laser’s technical expertise for textile applications exploiting laser technology. Matrix Textile is the outcome of SEI Laser’s technical expertise, flexibility and technological innovation for textile applications exploiting laser technology. The main feature that makes Matrix Textile, a “Game Changer” is its extreme flexibility that allows, starting from a roll, both roll-to-roll and roll-to-garment processing: a system that has no comparison.

This modularity allows its installation in any modern production process, optimizing the production performance of the company.

Matrix Textile – will be presented by SEI Laser at the show – takes advantage of proprietary laser technology to carry out hi-speed textile marking, engraving and cutting process on roll to roll material with top quality at the highest productivity. Processing speed is higher than the output obtained by traditional laser technology.

The core of Matrix Textile is Icaro Textile software for on the fly and static process optimisation; thanks to Icaro Textile it is easy to process any vectorial or raster image or decoration.



The C390 controller contains all essential technologies and properties for applications in Industry 4.0 environments.

Booth: W2 B68


SETEX will introduce the new C390 machine controller family at ShanghaiTex 2019. The C390 controller contains all essential technologies and properties for applications in Industry 4.0 environments.

Available in a variety of display sizes, they are designed for a wide range of coverage from data acquisition terminal to machine control and plant navigator. Split-screen features and IP-camera connection provide an outstanding overview of all machine and system states, perfect for operating stenter frames and washing lines.

All-new infographic animations with intuitive swipe and scrolling gestures provide unbeatable ergonomic comfort. Integrated mobile connectivity turns every C390 controller into a powerful IIoT-device with access by mobile device & web browser without additional app installation. 

An integrated OPC UA client allows for a simple linking to finishing machines to provide all new features and the integration with SETEX OrgaTEX MES to 3rd party PLCs.


DOS&DYE, which is a fully automatic system, reproduces in laboratory the whole dye-house and the dyeing operations.


Booth: W2 B22

Tecnorama will exhibit a laboratory system for the developing of the right recipe for bulk dyeing machines, in order to avoid mistakes, corrections and re-dyeing in production.

The right recipe is developed thanks to the worldwide known DOS&DYE, which is a fully automatic system, reproducing in laboratory the whole dye-house and the dyeing operations.

The system consists of DOSORAMA - an automatic machine for the dispensing of dyestuffs solutions and chemicals with volumetric system - working with one or more robotized DYEING MACHINES able to operate autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, suitable to perform knitted fabric, woven, yarn, tops, fibres, etc.

Thanks to the optimization of production processes and to the overcoming of those limits inherent the manual management of laboratory, the Dos&Dye system reduces water and energy consumption for an environmental friendly approach and for a considerable saving of time and money.



Booth: W1 A05

The latest version of iMaster incorporates various new detail improvements.Thies GmbH & Co. KG will introduce its latest products for fibre, yarn and fabric dyeing.

The yarn dyeing machine iCone is ideal for bleaching and dyeing fibre in different forms like packages, warp beams, combed tops or flock. With the help of modern flow analysis tools, the pipe systems, the pumps and their impellers have been optimized, reducing pressure losses and power consumption.

The iCone offers the ability to dye in a traditional manner by using reciprocating liquor circulation. However, it can also be operated with one flow direction and an ultra-short liquor ratio starting at 1: 3.6.

The machine is very flexible and matches diverse requirements. The delivery spectrum of the iCone is complemented by the very latest, user-friendly control system. Its “green functions” provide standardized programs for exploiting the optimization potential of different process steps.

In addition, the latest version of iMaster H2O incorporates various new detail improvements. Many of them were developed in response to suggestions from customers respectively end- users.

The iMaster mini belongs to the iMaster family. It is a fully-equipped variant of the iMaster H2O with a loading capacity of 20-80 kg for small production runs and laboratory work. The main advantage is to operate the iMaster mini with the same (parameter) settings as the iMaster H2O production machine. The earlier testing and optimization phase using the iMaster mini has shown that new kinds of fabrics, recipes and processes can be incorporated in the production sequence more effectively and more cost-efficiently.

For the treatment of light to medium-weight terry articles, Thies recommends the iMaster F machine. It has loading capacities of up to 400 kg per chamber.

The soft-TRD SIII combines perfect fabric running properties with the latest short liquor ratio technology. With liquor ratios starting at 1:5, a variety of sensitive fabrics can be treated gently. The soft-TRD SIII is ideal for finishing polyester fabrics due to the high-performance (kier) temperature regulation.

For reducing error rates and increasing reproducibility, the automation of the chemical and auxiliaries supply is mandatory. The MPS product family offers a complete solution for fully automated supply of a finishing plant with chemicals, dyes and auxiliaries.

Furthermore, Thies is offering a new generation of controllers (T390), which is designed for Industry 4.0-applications as well as for interfacing appropriate MES-systems.



Booth: W2 B45

FLEXIFOLA.TMT CIMI SRL will present at the exhibition an extensive range of machines for processes in wet and dry finishing, besides the exclusive tangential sizing system.

Open width continuous washing with the LAVANOVA series, and rope milling and scouring in the FLEXIFOLA models are both practical examples of minimum consumption of water and chemicals.

Meanwhile, precision in the dosing of chemicals with minimal water requirements is a key feature of the new PREXTRA series of pad mangles or foulards.

The well-known PF 3000 kier decatizing MAGNUM and PREMIUM models and the VAPOR 2000 steaming tunnels also incorporate latest R&D features for more efficient processing, as well as offering options to handle wool rich knitted fabrics.

In warp preparation the recently launched WR TRIM 3 size box, with the both tangential and newly developed three cylinder sizing/squeezing box, is also good for all kinds of yarns and blends in natural and synthetic fibres, including high-density warps.


W4 / W5

Knitting & Hosiery Machinery


ULTRAFEEDER2, a yarn constant tension feeder, can now combine with the UNICO2 device specifically designed for hosiery and knitting applications.Booth: W5 A01

ULTRAFEEDER2, a top seller yarn constant tension feeder from BTSR INTERNATIONAL, can now combine with the UNICO2 device specifically designed for hosiery and knitting applications, to offer a new innovative yarn “storage & release” concept solution.

Thanks to an innovative patented working system, UNICO2 is able to automatically compensate sudden and high yarn absorption variations, by featuring both positive yarn constant tension control and yarn storage & release capabilities.

Among the main benefits, UNICO2 guarantees top quality standards in the textile product, by allowing the machine to operate at max machine speed/efficiency. In addition, the device comes with “Graduation Compression” function for unlimited new product styles and fashion features capability. It is extremely user-friendly with plug & play set-up.

Impressive benefits in a wide range of textile application make the UNICO2 unique: high stitch selection capability (hosiery), toe & heel application (socks), extreme patterns & all yarns applications by replacing traditional storage feeders (seamless), reverse function capability (flat knitting and upper shoes), striper and striper jacquard application (circular knitting).



Ecowinder features a remarkable reduction of power consumption.Booth: W5 D05

L.G.L. ELECTRONICS is specialized in the development and manufacturing of electronic yarn feeders. In 2004, L.G.L. HANGZHOU was established in China to optimize the production, sales and after-sales service for Far-Eastern markets.

At ShanghaiTex 2019, the Italian producer of electronic yarn feeders will be showcasing a range of advanced and sustainable yarn feeding solution. The product range includes yarn feeding solutions for knitting and weaving.

Feeders for knitting are Spin1, Ecopower, Ecompact and the MINI CB made in Hangzhou, they are suitable for all types of knitting machines. MINI CB feeders perform successfully in many different applications like seamless, socks, large diameter circular knitting machine, flat knitting machines etc.

The MINI CB feeder to be showcased at the company booth is the new version with electronic brake ATTIVO which enables to program the desired tension and keeps it constant either with full or empty bobbin. Yarn tension sensor is remotely programmable by laptop. Wide tension range is from 0.5 g to 25 g.

Meanwhile, feeders for weaving are Ecosmart, Progress Vector and Plus, Tecnico and Ecowinder, which is the latest model made by L.G.L. HANGZHOU.

Ecowinder features a remarkable reduction of power consumption compared to other feeders in the market. It has a new design, reduced dimension and weight (4.8 kg) and will be available in the version with 3 optical sensor controlling: input missing yarn, winding yarn, winding count and yarn reserve, or in the new version with 3 mechanical sensor.



Booth: W5 A51

i-control allows sending full working files to the textile machines.

SIGNAL Srl will be showcasing i-control, a web-based application which retrieves production data from textile machinery. It is an easy application, yet offers all the main functions, quickly answering to the questions such as: How many pieces have been produced? Which are the less efficient machines and why? How is the productivity per production shift?

The application collects data from textile machines through ethernet connection which is available on all SIGNAL based hardware. It stores them on a local database which is installed on a main server (personal computer).

Network infrastructure is based on a classic wired ethernet, and stored data are then processed by i-control application, which shows main indexes as efficiency, stops and other production information in a simple way. Data are shown by importance to highlight key information.

The company emphasizes that i-control offers the user a remote control feature which allows production items codes, quantity and other relevant information to be sent to the textile machines.

Furthermore, i-control allows sending full working files to the textile machines. Likewise, it allows user to transfer files from textile machines to the server. Such features are compliant to Industry 4.0 environment requirements.