Andreas Hannes, Group Manager Administration, Marketing and Production, Sedo Treepoint GmbH.
Andreas Hannes, Group Manager Administration, Marketing and Production, Sedo Treepoint GmbH.
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Intelligent manufacturing systems for the smart factory are the heart of Sedo Treepoint. According to Andreas Hannes, Group Manager Administration, Marketing and Production, Sedo Treepoint GmbH, the strength of Sedo Treepoint is to offer process and machine optimization which at the end results in a more efficient production and in a reduction of resources. The environment benefits and the production cost are reduced ultimately. This is a typical win-win situation.

To Sedo Treepoint, it is important to bring production to a higher digital level. Real time process control and optimization are required for high production quality and reproducibility.

By introducing smart factory systems, intelligent formulas will make sure that production runs with better productivity and on a cleaner ecological level, so customers are starting saving energy and water.

Sedo Treepoint considered that China implements Industry 4.0 in a very fast way and companies are open for IoT applications. “Many Chinese companies are looking into more and better automation and intelligent manufacturing. We expect China’s textile industry to make very quick and big progress in this area,” said Hannes.

In China, Sedo Treepoint is focusing on new IoT projects with a total integration to achieve better efficiency and reduce the resources. “We founded our own office in Shanghai to improve and extend our sales together with our Chinese partners,” he added.

Integration of different solutions is crucial

In the past, customers focused more to machine investments, integration was not so important. That has changed now. They are meanwhile well informed and ask for more system integration possibilities from their machine suppliers.

Hannes pointed out that the challenge is to work out a workflow that is accepted and supported by customers, machine operators, suppliers and partners. Sedo Treepoint offers flexible solutions to meet each customer’s requirements.

As said, Sedo Treepoint is the central link between all the systems in a factory. This way, island solutions become integrated in Industry 4.0. Customers should have a good understanding and plan their path into digitalization on a long term. Integration plays an important role. Companies that are following the path to Industry 4.0 and starting their smart factory are getting more competitive, can act quicker and fulfill the environmental standards. 

 “As a key player for enabling Industry 4.0 and smart factory concept in dyeing and finishing, we are not just looking for a certain machine brand or type, but connecting all of them, creating an optimized workflow on the production floor,” Hannes stated.

Sales increase despite negative economic indications

Sedo Treepoint is active in all textile markets. Despite first negative economic indications worldwide, Sedo Treepoint still manages to increase the sales, thanks to its innovative solutions.

China is still the prime textile market, while regions/countries like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and South-America have a growing market,” said Hannes.

New controllers on stage

At ShanghaiTex 2019, Sedo Treepoint will introduce a complete new range of machine controllers, the Sedomat 8000 series. This series is specially designed for Industry 4.0 and IoT. It comes with many communication possibilities like OPC UA, CANopen, Modbus and many more. The new series will support the smart factory as it offers a much more easy integration and communication. 

In addition, the company will also show Smart bracelets for machine operators, to receive immediate important machine notifications like alarms or operator calls. This will further improve the smart factory approach.