FABREX - PP Melt Blown Fabric Machine.
FABREX - PP Melt Blown Fabric Machine.
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Non-woven fabric (FABREX) to mask making lines (MASCON) from Rajoo offer solutions for creating N95 masks that would comply to regulatory needs using efficient and hygienic manufacturing processes.

Building on its close to a decade of experience in making spunbond non-woven fabric extrusion machines, Rajoo extended its portfolio to build the melt-blown fabric making extrusion machine, to complete its ‘fabric side of the solution’.

This is said as the first company in India to offer machines for composite non-woven fabric solution.

Rajoo has also built a path-breaking fully automatic N95 mask making machine which is capable of producing 1 mask every 2 seconds (i.e. 1,800 masks per hour). The automation ensures that these masks are hygienic and produced with minimum wastage as well as minimal human intervention.

Khushboo Chandrakant Doshi, Executive Director, Rajoo Engineers Limited said: “I am happy that we could contribute in our own way to the fight against COVID-19.”