Jeanologia launches a digital tool exclusively developed for jeans production.
Jeanologia launches a digital tool exclusively developed for jeans production.

Jeanologia, one of the leaders in sustainable and efficient technology development, has launched the innovative tool eDesinger that reinvents the way jeans are being created and manufactured, accompanying designers in their digital transformation.

eDesigner is a software developed and adapted specifically for the production of jeans, what designers see on their screens is what they get in the garment finishing.

This comprehensive solution connects designers with wash developers and brands with manufacturers, standardizing formats, improving production processes by making it more efficient and accelerating time-to-market. It allows creative and sustainable possibilities in the jeans industry.

"Today more than ever we need to implement digitalization in our industry. Designs and digital collection or 3D virtual reality are going to be a key to recovery. With tools like eDesginer we can make meaningful advances and totally change the way we create and produce jeans,” described Carmen Silla, Marketing Director at Jeanologia.

Digitalization boosts design efficiency and sustainability

The textile industry is in the important process of sustainable transformation moving towards digitalization, consequently it needs a change in how to design where creativity, design, and technology.

This digital transformation starts with changing how Jeans are made. To do this, Jeanologia has given designers a tool that makes it possible to design in a more intuitive way, easier, faster and dynamic, by introducing a technological, efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional design.

eDesginer streamlines and simplifies production. It can go from design to sample and to approval within an hour. This means a considerable reduction in samples allowing for a more sustainable production at the same time as reducing times.

Furthermore, it is an open platform that can be connected to other virtual stitching or 3D software, and interconnect development centers with production centers in real time.