Knitting is a method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric. It is used in many types of garments. A bundle of latest equipment and machines for knitting were introduced at the virtual booths at Innovate Textile & Apparel. They share the same benefits of high productivity, flexibility and reliability.   

The KnotMasters knotting machines from Groz-Beckert.Groz-Beckert introduces sinker, knotting machines and healds

At Innovate Textile & Apparel, Groz-Beckert showcased its new products in the areas of knitting and weaving.

The special application needle for SAN SF staple fibers was presented for the first time in last year. Just in time for the virtual show, the company presented the matching SNK SF sinker. Both products are specially developed for the use of staple fibers on large diameter circular knitting machines.

When using staple fiber yarns on large diameter circular knitting machines, accumulations of fiber residues, fiber abrasion, dirt and other yarn components could result in deposits in the channels of the needle carrier. The special application needle SAN SF and Sinker SNK SF manage to reduce dirt accumulation and extend cleaning intervals.

The SAN SF special application needle is characterized by two special features: a needle shaft closed at the bottom and support cushions to support the cylinder walls. Advantages of the needle include reduced contamination of the needle tricks, longer cleaning intervals and reduced machine downtimes for optimal results in combination with sinker for SNK SF staple fibers, and even loop structure and increased productivity.

Groz-Beckert also presented its product and service portfolio: from KnotMaster to heald. The KnotMasters from Groz-Beckert are knotting machines with the latest technology and ease of use for different applications and different types of yarn, including cotton, synthetic and spandex.

The advantages include a user and maintenance-friendly modular system, a compact design, single and double knots, and thread breakage monitoring.

Regarding Groz-Beckert healds, they are suitable for all standard weaving machine types, ideal for interaction with automatic drawing-in systems, and there is lower friction and less abrasion of the warp material.
The OVJA 2.4 EM can knit up to 30 kilograms of mattress cover fabric per hour.
Additionally, the areas of legwear, flat knitting and warp knitting were also represented at the event with interesting products. These included sock needles with ‘dur’ technology, flat knitting needles specially designed for the manufacture of technical textiles and coordinated warp knitting tools.

Mayer & Cie showcases highly productive circular knitting machine

Mayer & Cie focused on three core product areas at the virtual show.

The first was the mattress sector. In this sector, the company offers a very productive machine, the OVJA 2.4 EM. It knits up to 30 kilograms of mattress cover fabric per hour.

In the double jersey sector, Mayer & Cie presented the D4 2.2 HPI high-performance interlock machine and the OV 3.2 Qce. The OV 3.2 Qce knits eight-lock structures, Punto di Roma, Piqué, and spacer fabrics. Meanwhile, the double electronics OVJA 1.6 EE sets standards for pattern options.

The third focal point was a top seller, the Relanit 3.2 HS. The selling points of the latest model in the Relanit line-up are its productivity and reliability, especially when working with elastomeric plating, according to the company.