SHIMA SEIKI announced the release of its new subscription-based design software.
SHIMA SEIKI announced the release of its new subscription-based design software.

Flat knitting solutions provider SHIMA SEIKI announced the release of its new subscription-based design software, as well as two other web services.

The new set of products and services is intended to aid in the digital transformation of the fashion industry for supporting business in the post-COVID-19 era, in which new work styles and methods are being adopted including teleworking and telecommuting.

At the same time, they are geared toward streamlining and improving efficiency to achieve sustainability through reduced waste.

APEXFiz is the latest addition to SHIMA SEIKI's SDS-ONE APEX series design system line-up, but with an unprecedented twist.

Whereas previous APEX series design systems were offered as an all-in-one proprietary hardware/software package, for the first time in its nearly 40 years of design system development, SHIMA SEIKI has released its new APEXFiz as subscription-based design software that can be installed on customers’ individual computers.

APEXFiz software supports the creative side of fashion from planning and design to colorway evaluation, realistic fabric simulation and 3D virtual sampling.

Otherwise known as “digital twins”, virtual samples are a digitized version of sample making that are accurate enough to be used effectively as prototypes, replacing physical sampling and consequently reducing time, cost and material that otherwise go to waste. APEXFiz thereby helps to realize sustainability and digitally transform the fashion supply chain.

According to SHIMA SEIKI, SDS-ONE APEX and APEXFiz stand out from other 3D fabric simulation software systems because they accurately produce loop simulations stitch by stitch for 3D knitted products based on actual numbers of stitches. Other software maps a fabric on a 3D avatar and renders the image, meaning the attention to detail regarding stitches is lost.

It is this loop structure accuracy that enables APEX software to digitally simulate sheer fabrics and simulate drape and weight with sensitivity to fabric transparency.

Meanwhile, APEXFiz is supported by two other web services, namely, yarnbank and SHIMANAVI.

SHIMA SEIKI’s yarnbank is a web service that allows viewing and searching of latest data of yarn, which is developed with cooperation from companies from around the world.  The registered users have free access to the database of the yarn that can be used for fabric simulation and virtual sampling.

While the SHIMANAVI is an e-learning platform that supports APEX series users with online training, it has several courses available in different languages which can be taken when and where needed.