The French textile equipment manufacturers are particularly strong in long fibre spinning (wool, acrylic, etc.), yarn twisting and control (including technical yarns), space-dyeing, heat setting for carpet yarns, carpet systems, dyeing and finishing, felts and belts for finishing processes, nonwovens, air conditioning of textile plants, and recycling processes of textile materials.

China is their most important market and ITMA ASIA + CITME is a prime opportunity to meet their customers at the highest level and start new partnerships. 

FIL CONTROL meets high demand for yarn sensors

FIL CONTROL, headquartered in France, develops and produces yarn cutters, yarn sensors and quality control equipment for the textile machinery industry. The company has subsidiary with its own manufacturing plant in China for the Asian market.

According to FIL CONTROL, the ring spinning market is now ready to welcome the Motion Reflective Sensor developed by the company. It is meeting a high demand for its MRS-P speed sensors for ring spinning machinery that allows monitoring, controlling and optimizing yarn manufacturing productivity for better quality at lower cost.

Visitors can also discover how the sensors will follow the textile machinery manufacturing development towards the era of Industry 4.0.

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 FIL CONTROL is an expert in producing yarn sensors for the textile machinery industry.
HANNECARD offers a range of services for the textile industry

HANNECARD is an example of a service-oriented company. Their services include:

technical visits at the mills to enhance the efficiency of the technical cylinders (e.g. squeezing rate), the lifetime of the rubber coatings, the shrinking rate of the shrinking machines, and complete maintenance operations of the S-rolls as well as the supply of complete steel base cylinders.

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HANNECARD offers a range of services for the textile industry.
SUPERBA emphasizes Industry 4.0 concept

SUPERBA is a member of the Vandewielde Group which offers innovative textile systems for flooring production. The company is a leading solution provider in continuous heat setting, texturizing and space dyeing processes. It is expanding its area of applications and helps its customers adopting the Industry 4.0 concept.

The new SUPERBA B403 automatic winder with its individual spindle motorization drive, combined with a single tension sensor per position, enables a constant tension winding process, a very accurate bobbin length measuring as well as a unique quality control for each yarn position.

Thanks to the individual motors, the stopping time is drastically decreased (down to 1 second), thus enabling the yarn bundle to remain thread-up in the guides and to significantly decrease the downtime in case of a yarn break for a higher efficiency.

Connected through cloud computing to the new VANDEWIELE TEXCONNECT supervision system, the B403 can provide full tension reports in the cloud.

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 The new SUPERBA B403 automatic winder is equipped with Industry 4.0 features.