Equipped with SynchroPiecing, each AutoBD rotor-spinning machine can run up to 1,500 piecings per hour fully automatically.
Equipped with SynchroPiecing, each AutoBD rotor-spinning machine can run up to 1,500 piecings per hour fully automatically.
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Saurer invites visitors to learn more about its newest solutions at ITMA ASIA + CITME. The company is meeting the growing demand for cost-effective automation both in spinning, twisting and cabling mills.

The new Autocard was developed to create further value in the fibre preparation chain. The machine’s higher carding area means 18% higher output and even cleaner sliver. Can changes are carried out during full production without slowing down the speed of sliver delivery.

The new generation ring-spinning machine from Zinser Systems, the Z 72XL, offers low energy consumption, optimal user-friendliness and flexible automation solutions. It now also comes with a new compact device, the new Impact FX pro system, designed especially for the medium and fine yarn-count range for yarns with lower hairiness and greater strength.

With the Autoconer X6 winder, Saurer is on track towards customized automation in package winding. Introduction of the new open prism technology offers improved splice quality, handling and maintenance.

At Schlafhorst Systems for open-end spinning, Autoairo and AutoBD will be shown in Asia for the first time. The Autoairo air-spinning machine with its unique automation is characterized by high yarn quality and productivity, coupled with low spinning costs. The well-proven innovations SynchroPiecing and Multilot enable seamless lot changes.

The AutoBD gives spinning mills the freedom to choose the degree of automation and productivity potential of the rotor-spinning machine. All automation modules can be easily retrofitted. Customers can also fully automate the removal of packages and the insertion of empty tubes.

The latest generation of CompactTwister, the series 8 from Volkmann Systems, once again sets new standards for the quality of twisted yarn, flexibility and energy consumption.

The CableCorder CC5 from Allma Systems is the 5th generation of the successful direct cabling machine for tire cord and industrial yarns. With up to 200 spindles, the CC5 with the new spindle gauge 400 is a true space saver.

For digital service, the new Shop Floor Senses Element for the mill management system Senses enables customers to optimize processes in their production plants by reducing the walking distances of machine operators. Using the Recipe Senses Element, customers can import all the machines’ production settings into Senses and ensure that they are configured for optimal production and quality.

Visitors to the trade fair can also learn more about the new features on the Secos – the Saurer Customer Portal.

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