High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine ENERWIN adopts new features for higher energy-saving.
High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine ENERWIN adopts new features for higher energy-saving.
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CHTC Fong’s, one of the world-famous textile dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturers, together with its well-known brands: FONG’S, THEN, GOLLER, MONFORTS FONG’S, MONFORTS, and XORELLA, will be presenting the “One-Stop” Sustainable Solution at ITMA ASIA + CITME to be held in Shanghai, China.

A full line of advanced and innovative products and technology will be exhibited including latest products: FONG’S ENERWIN Energy-saving High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine, THEN AHYBRID Airflow High Temperature Dyeing Machine, GOLLER CYCLONA MODUL Washing Unit for Woven & Knitted Fabric, and MONFORTS FONG’S MONFONGS 888 TWINAIR.

Energy-saving High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine ENERWIN adopts new liquor pathways in the dyeing cycles. These new pathways contribute to the decrease in overall energy and water consumption for package dyeing.

ENERWIN can be equipped with main pump in lower power configuration when comparing to the previous package dyeing machine model and it further diminishes the energy consumption.

Revolutionary Airflow High Temperature Dyeing Machine AHYBRID offers versatile operation modes by switching the combinations of multifunctional nozzles, and eventually offers various dyeing applications for the same batch of fabrics in only one single dyeing machine.

GOLLER has developed the new CYCLONA MODUL, a washing unit which combines the advantages of integrated rotor-drum washing together with the up-down rollers features. It combines multi washing elements in one single unit, thus a shorter range can finally be achieved for utility saving.

Monfongs 888 Twinair technology combines the most recent developed technology to evolve a more advanced energy saving stenter range. The Matex 6000 of this stenter is equipped with newest high efficiency parallel padders which can lower the pickup in the same time keep the fabric hand-feel. This can lead to less energy to evaporate the water content of fabric after passing through the padders.

Besides, a sensor is installed at the fabric outlet opening of the last chamber to detect temperature variation and trigger fan speed control of exhausted air. By the virtue of new control system Qualitex 750 plus, the machine can adapt to different new options like Oil drop prevention device, Motorized flap door of integrated exhausted duct, Fire extinguisher system and etc.

XORELLA’s XO-Series energy saving vacuum conditioning and heat setting machines has been well used in improving the quality of yarn and also heat setting of garment.

The Xorella XO-Steaming treatment could even penetrate the textile products for humidification, twist setting, preshrinking the synthetic filament, colour fixation of digital printed fabric and heat setting of garment. The latest saturated steam generating system could reduce 30% of connected power loading and save between 15% to 25% energy consumption.

In addition to physical display, visitors can explore the CHTC Fong’s one-stop supply of innovative smart dyeing and finishing line at the booth through VR technology.

Booth: H6 D04, H8 D33