66 Italian companies participated in ITMA ASIA + CITME, of which 21 were exhibiting their latest technologies and equipment within National Sector Groups organized by ACIMIT, the Italian Association of Textile Machinery Manufacturers, and the Italian Trade Agency.
Italian manufacturers introduced their latest technologies and equipment at ITMA ASIA + CITME.
Biancalani’s AQUARIA for continuous washing in open width

Biancalani Textile Machinery presented its effective and advanced machinery together with the Santex Rimar Shanghai Agency. The company unveiled its latest, brand new and innovative project AQUARIA.

AQUARIA is the solution for continuous washing processes in open width. The machinery can perform a wide range of continuous washing processes, including enzyme washing, peach skin, relaxation of stretch fabric, desizing, soda treatments, fibrillation and defibrillation (Tencel or Lyocell), bio-polishing, weight reduction, bleaching, degumming, among others.

Biancalani emphasized that AQUARIA takes advantages of the fabric being processed in open-width, which is the only way to always ensure good results.

AIRO 24 is a dryer for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments of woven, non-woven, and knitted fabrics.

At the fairground, there were other useful information about: AIRO 24, a dryer for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments of woven, non-woven, and knitted fabrics; AIRBOX, a compact and high-performance, independent or in-line pre-dryer, which can increase the drying capacity of fabrics of other continuous tumbler by more than 50%; MILLA and IDRA, two state-of-the-art milling and washing machines, with extremely high performance and great productions for all wool fabrics.

LGL showcased new feeder for knitting

LGL ELECTRONICS, a leading Italian manufacturer of electronic yarn feeders, showcased a complete range of advanced and sustainable yarn feeding solutions at the trade fair.
The ECOMICRO feeder for knitting is a new model made by LGL HANGZHOU.
Feeders for knitting on stage will include ECOMICRO, SPIN 1, ECOPOWER, ECOMPACT, and the MINI series. Notably, the ECOMICRO is a new model made by LGL HANGZHOU, it features: very compact dimensions, reduced weight, and considerable reduction of power consumption; coaxial manual tension setting; yarn consumption function; photocell totally hermetic with protection IP66; and new mechanical sensor.

Meanwhile, feeders for weaving will include ECOSMART, PROGRESS VECTOR, TECNICO2 and ECOWINDER, the latest version made by LGL HANGZHOU.
The ECOWINDER feeder features new design with remarkable reduction of power consumption.
The ECOWINDER features: new design, reduced dimension and weight (4.8kg); remarkable reduction of power consumption compared to other feeders in market; available with three opto-mechanical sensors or three optical sensors controlling including input missing yarn, winding count, and yarn reserve; smoother yarn angle inside the feeder to reduce yarn stress; and maximum torque at both high and low speed.

Mario Crosta highlighted latest version of sueding machine

Mario Crosta is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of textile finishing machinery. At the trade fair, it highlighted its HS TOUCH sueding machine and POLARIS double drum raising machine.

HS TOUCH is Mario Crosta’s most updated version of sueding machine developed together with its customers. The basic machine is composed of six brushes made of a new compound of carbon. A couple of additional draft cylinders along the drum help managing the tension very carefully when compared to the standard machines in the market.

Also, Mario Crosta has developed some additional key options which offer many advantages, including the patented Seam Jumper, the Plier Uncurler devices and the motorized spreading devices.

The Seam Jumper is a detaching bar that automatically lifts the seam from the brushes to avoid breakages and reduce wastages. The Plier Uncurler devices are used to reduce dramatically the rolled-up selvedges. Meanwhile, the motorized spreading devices along the drum, near the drafts, helps keeping the fabric uncurled during the process.

The configuration of the POLARIS machine was for processing knit fabrics made of artificial fibers.

The configuration of the POLARIS machine was primarily designed to process knit fabrics made of artificial fibers such as polyester, CVC and elastane blends. The machine’s features related to speed, tension, rotation were updated for superior performance.

Increased traction rollers, reengineered drums and cylinders are used to guarantee total and complete coverage with faster and more efficient speeds. Updated high-precision tension control avoids the common problem of tension fluctuation in other systems.

Besides, the use of high performance V-belts and synchronization belts ensure a smooth and continuous transmission of power traction, guaranteeing a continuous raising force. All data is fully managed by the PLC through the display and all parameters are stored in the machine’s backup memory.

Advanced technologies for textile finishing offered by Bianco

For more than 45 years, Bianco has been designing and manufacturing machinery with advanced technology for textile finishing, for the technical textile and non-woven sectors.

The Bianco B-Kompact 600 Felt Compactor guarantees excellent shrinkage, improving the dimensional stability of knitted fabrics and ensuring an excellent handle. It allows high production speed with unrivalled fabric stability.

Bianco's booth.

 The Bianco Bi-Shrink rubber compactor uses shrinkage belts produced in natural rubber to guarantee long-lasting and efficient compacting even in high temperatures.

Very good shrinkage is guaranteed for any type of fabrics, including cotton, printed fabrics, fabrics with viscose, special denim, etc.

Meanwhile, the Bianco Clever machine can pack the roll longitudinally and sideways with a high production volume: up to 3 rolls per minute. The longitudinal closing takes place by a welding system with heat-sealing bar. The side closing is performed by hot-air blowers. The wrapping of the polythene around the roll is adherent, reducing the plastic waste.

SICAM focused on machinery for hygienic and medical sectors

SICAM SRL is an Italian machinery and complete plants manufacturer for textile and nonwovens production with over half a century experience. Tailor made projects and complete turnkey solutions have brought the manufacturer to compete with main international players.

SICAM has consolidated technologies in bonding, drying winding, from carded or airlay fibers or from continuous filaments, involving Spunlace or Spunbond, staple fiber, chemical bonding, spray bonding or thermofixing processes for decades.
SICAM manufactures machinery and complete plants for textile and nonwovens production.
In a historical time with a new level of attention on the importance of sanitizing, the manufacturer is focusing on improving its technologies dedicated to the hygienic and medical sectors (Spunlace, Spunbond and Spunmelt), in combination with new raw materials.

In addition to the machinery for nonwovens production, SICAM also presented other machinery the company manufactures. As it has a wide range of product offerings, SICAM is able to serve different sectors, including textile, medical, automotive, civil engineering, etc.

Bigagli specializes in manufacturing advanced woollen spinning frames

Established in the Prato textile district in Italy, Bigagli has been producing textile machinery since 1901. It is one of the most recognized names in the woollen yarn textile machinery sector.

The company has specialized over the years in manufacturing modern and advanced woollen spinning frames which are also known as Bigagli self-acting mules. They are specifically designed, developed and continuously improved to produce fine and extrafine woollen yarns, through processing natural fibres such as cashmere, angora, mohair, vicuna, camel hair and their blends with wool.

The main producers of high quality yarns work with Bigagli self-acting mules as a guarantee for reliability and durability.

MiniLario from MS Printing Solutions with high productivity

MS Printing Solutions, founded in 1983 in Italy, is one of the market leaders in the design, development and distribution of innovative digital ink-jet printing systems and associated consumables serving the high-end, roll-to-roll textile printing and specialty material markets. Since 2014, the company has been part of Dover Corporation.

The know-how and experience allows MS Printing Solutions to innovate products for the demanding and everchanging market of digital textile printing. The company’s modern technologies allow it to improve any aspect of textile printing, from performance to sustainability.
The MiniLario printer is equipped with 64 printheads and a heated driven pressure roll.
The MiniLario, equipped with 64 printheads and 8 colors, is one of the fastest printers earmarked for the textile industry. The printing carriage hanged on the printing bridge allows high speed, accurate precision and total system stability. Moreover, it simplifies the maintenance operations being accessible from 3 sides.

The printer consists of a heated driven pressure roll, with synchronized mechanical movement, for the best positioning of any kind of fabric on the transportation belt. The dryer was developed to fit the printer’s operating conditions.