ITMA ASIA + CITME was successfully held on 12-16 Jun 2021 at National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China. The show welcomed visitorship of about 65,000 over 5 days. There were a large number of latest and advanced textile machinery and solutions exhibited at the show. “China Textile & Apparel” (CTA) has consolidated the highlights of the weaving, knitting, and dyeing and finishing sectors.

ITMA ASIA + CITME was successfully held.
Groz-Beckert presented new products from six areas

Groz-Beckert presented innovations from all six product areas at the trade show. The products were presented both physically as exhibits and in extended form via augmented reality.

Several product innovations presented for the Knitting area, including the SAN SF staple fiber needle and the SNK SF staple fiber sinker, which are specially designed for use on large diameter circular knitting machines; the dur needle, which is particularly suitable for high loads on sock machines thanks to its optimized geometries, the SAN TT for application-specific use in the field of technical textiles for flat knitting machines.

Groz-Beckert also demonstrated its relevance as a system provider in the area of warp knitting. The warp knitting machine needles and system parts from the company are matched to each other and achieve an even and error-free warp knitting process.

With the new WarpMasterPlus, the Weaving area presented an optimal solution for every weaving mill. All properties of the proven WarpMaster concept were illustrated in detail using a 3D model and augmented reality. The miniature weaving mill illustrated the interaction of all products in the area: from cleaning machines and weaving accessories to the KnotMaster.
The physical booth of Groz-Beckert at ITMA ASIA + CITME.
The patented GEBECON felting needle was one of the highlights of the Felting area. It offers an improved surface quality and optimized bending resistance. Know-how protection and improved needle logistics are just two of the numerous advantages of the customer product that the area highlighted.

Measurable advantages achieved were shown during the production of tufted floor coverings using the Groz-Beckert Tufting Gauge Part Systems. Coordinated combination of materials and the functional interaction of all tools ensure the quality and economic results of the tufting process.

Meanwhile, the Carding area presented its further developments for the spinning industry. These included the new stationary flat series, the TV56 revolving top and the cylinder card clothing with special tooth geometry. The new stationary flat series is distinguished by innovative tooth geometry and new kind of tooth distribution. The new TV56 revolving top features a new setting pattern and 560 points per square inch, making it particularly easy to clean. The improved cylinder card clothing impresses with its special and patented tooth shape, which makes it particularly well suited for quality-oriented cotton spinning companies that produce high-quality yarns.

In the Sewing exhibition area, the focus was on technical textiles, especially in the manufacture of car seats. The SAN 5.2 special application needle for sewing car seats features special geometry which gives it sufficient stability. The double groove in the point area improves thread guidance and leads to an even seam pattern, especially in multi-directional sewing processes. The scarf chamfers on both sides of the needle prevent skipped stitches and optimize loop formation. The GEBEDUR titanium nitride coating increases wear protection.

SHIMA SEIKI introduced three new online solutions

Leading flat knitting solutions provider SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan, together with its Hong Kong subsidiary SHIMA SEIKI (HONG KONG) LTD., participated in the trade fair.

SHIMA SEIKI’s exhibit theme “The Next Standard” was also its version of the New Normal, which was addressed in a number of ways. The most obvious was digital transformation and various online solutions.

SHIMA SEIKI’s exhibit theme was “The Next Standard”.

 SHIMA SEIKI's three new online services released over the past year were showcased: APEXFiz subscription-based design software, yarnbank digital yarn sourcing web service, and SHIMANAVI e-learning service.

APEXFiz is the latest addition to SHIMA SEIKI’s proven SDS-ONE APEX series design system lineup, but with a big departure from the past. Whereas previous APEX-series design systems were offered as an all-in-one hardware/software package, for the first time in its nearly 40 years of design system development, SHIMA SEIKI has released its new APEXFiz as subscription-based design software that can be installed on customers’ individual computers.

Maintaining proven functions that have made the APEX series popular with fashion designers, with APEXFiz those strengths have now been enhanced with the added versatility to adapt to different work styles and business environments including teleworking and telecommuting.
The new APEXFiz design software can be installed on customers’ individual computers.
APEXFiz is furthermore available in 5 different product variations that can be selected according to the customer’s needs, from APEXFiz Design Jr. to APEXFiz Design Pro.

APEXFiz is supported by two other web services to enhance its user experience. yarnbank is said as the world's first online web service for searching and viewing the latest yarns, developed in cooperation with yarn companies from around the world.

Registered users can download yarn data for free, for use in fabric simulation and virtual sampling on APEXFiz, avoiding the need to scan yarn on their own.

Meanwhile, SHIMANAVI e-learning service allows APEXFiz users to experience online training when and where it is convenient, and at their own pace, supporting new work styles. SHIMANAVI features several courses available in different languages.

Newest digital solutions by KARL MAYER and STOLL

KARL MAYER group has introduced digital pioneering solutions for machines, technical services and data that make textile production faster, more self-sufficient and more diverse. For the first time, KARL MAYER participated in the show with the STOLL brand.
KARL MAYER joined the show with the STOLL brand for the first time.
The HKS 3-M ON, 280" sets new standards in warp knitting in terms of output and flexibility. At 2,500 min-1, the innovative HKS model is around 15% faster than its predecessor with the same working width and, thanks to the width expansion, even more productive than the narrower 210" version.
The HKS 3-M ON, 280
Despite its high speed, the HKS 3-M ON offers the diverse patterning possibilities of the EL pattern drives. The basis is the new electromechanical guide bar control and the secure networking of the machine via the k.ey industrial computer with a cloud.  Pattern data is loaded directly onto the machine, without production delays and handling effort.

The digital solutions could be tried out at the HKS 3-M ON or at the KM.ON flagship store on the KARL MAYER trade fair stand. Other highlights included k.innovation STYLE for the collaborative creation of designs in cross-divisional teams and the new Paperless Solutions, which digitally document machine runs and fabric quality.

STOLL's ADF family has been further improved to meet market requirements. New is the ADF 830-24 ki knit & wear in the unique gauge of E 10.2. With the high needle pitch, the model exhibited produces fine STOLL-knit and wear products with intarsia, inverse plating and STOLL-ikat plating and woven looks with STOLL-weave-in Technology. The gauge of E 10.2 will now be available for almost all STOLL machines.

STOLL's equipment has been further improved.

 In addition, the ADF portfolio has been expanded to include a variant with a 36ʺ working width. An ADF 330 ki was presented for this purpose. This model is available as variant with 24 or 32 yarn guides and with STOLL-weave-in device.

CHTC Fong’s and its brands displayed One-Stop Sustainable Solution

CHTC Fong’s, one of the world-famous textile dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturers, together with its well-known brands: FONG’S, THEN, GOLLER, MONFORTS FONG’S, MONFORTS, and XORELLA, displayed the “One-Stop” Sustainable Solution.

A full line of advanced and innovative products and technology was exhibited including latest products: FONG’S ENERWIN Energy-saving High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine, THEN AHYBRID Airflow High Temperature Dyeing Machine, GOLLER CYCLONA MODUL Washing Unit for Woven & Knitted Fabric, and MONFORTS FONG’S MONFONGS 888 TWINAIR.
ENERWIN diminishes the energy consumption.
Energy-saving High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine ENERWIN adopts new liquor pathways in the dyeing cycles. These new pathways contribute to the decrease in overall energy and water consumption for package dyeing.

ENERWIN can be equipped with main pump in lower power configuration when comparing to the previous package dyeing machine model and it further diminishes the energy consumption.

Revolutionary Airflow High Temperature Dyeing Machine AHYBRID offers various dyeing applications for the same batch of fabrics in only one single dyeing machine.
AHYBRID offers various dyeing applications.
GOLLER has developed the new CYCLONA MODUL, a washing unit which combines the advantages of integrated rotor-drum washing together with the up-down rollers features. It combines multi washing elements in one single unit, thus a shorter range can finally be achieved for utility saving.

Monfongs 888 Twinair technology combines the most recent developed technology to evolve a more advanced energy saving stenter range. The Matex 6000 of this stenter is equipped with newest high efficiency parallel padders which can lower the pickup in the same time keep the fabric hand-feel. This can lead to less energy to evaporate the water content of fabric after passing through the padders.

Besides, a sensor is installed at the fabric outlet opening of the last chamber to detect temperature variation and trigger fan speed control of exhausted air. By the virtue of new control system Qualitex 750 plus, the machine can adapt to different new options like oil drop prevention device, motorized flap door of integrated exhausted duct, fire extinguisher system and etc.

Three brands of Santex Rimar shined with novelties

Santex Rimar Group unites leading players in textile machinery for weaving, finishing, technical textiles, and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes. Three of these well-known brands howcased their novelties with an impressive technology presentation at the show. All the machines showcased at the trade fair were newly produced in China.

The Santex brand in textile finishing has developed an air-flow technique for high-quality processing. The fabric is carried on a cushion of air, giving a softer handle and better shrinkage values.
The Santaframe features ingenious solutions for heated air distribution and exhaust.
The new Santaframe stenter features ingenious solutions for heated air distribution and exhaust. Its heating element is uniquely positioned, after the circulating air turbine (on the pressure side), in a sealed chamber above the fabric track. This avoids the risk of condensation dropping onto the fabric. Improved loading of the circulating and exhaust air with humidity results in less exhaust air than conventional stenter frames.

Further highlights of the new Santaframe include a built-in exhaust ducting device, an emergency standstill system and the choice of heating devices. The renowned Aero-Surf Nozzle System is still a key element, promoting softest handle, excellent shrinkage and uniform heat-setting.

SMIT is a renowned producer of weaving machines. The Free Flight Ribbons System works without ribbon guide hooks to ensure the cleanest shed, and the 2FAST compact weaving machine offers many more technical innovations for competitive performance.
The compact 2FAST compact weaving machine offers many technical innovations for competitive performance.
The new patented grippers feature a reduced cross-section which guarantees top efficiency for every yarn type. Optimized shed geometry ensures superior fabric construction and high efficiency at the greatest production rates. Further advantages come from the short mechanical transmission, ensuring highest running regularity, and low energy consumption.

Cavitec gives fabric the final touch, with sophisticated machinery for coating, laminating, impregnation and prepreg. Cavimelt textile laminating machine adopts hot-melt process, applying adhesive as dots or in predefined patterns, using an engraved roller, on film, web and textile substrates.
Superior laminating is provided by Cavimelt’s rotogravure system.
The Cavimelt process is user-friendly and sustainable because it is free of solvents and water. It does not need auxiliary equipment to evaporate exhaust air and any questionable emissions.

New controller series of Sedo Treepoint took center stage

At the trade fair, Sedo Treepoint focused on the new Sedomat 6007/8000 controller series. This new development is a cost-effective solution for high degree automation which offers many flexible internal I/O options.

The 8000 series comes in four different sizes to match customers’ needs. The Sedomat 8007 has a 7” touch user interface and is suitable for lab machines and data acquisition. Sedomat 8010 comes with a 10.1” touch display which can be adapted to every dyeing and finishing machine. The biggest user interface with 15.4” is offered by Sedomat 8015.
New Sedomat 6007/8000 series is developed for high degree automation.
In addition to the well proven benefits of the Sedomat controllers, the new series is more flexible and offers different interfaces options like CANopen, Profibus DP and MODBUS RTU. To improve the communication between different systems, OPC UA and MQTT interface are adopted.

Using a Sedo SmartBracelet, the machine operator can get every notice directly on his wrist and act immediately when a machine requires his attention.

SedoMaster is the core for the production shop floor. Intelligent central production planning, control, monitoring, and reporting become available. It is a useful tool for all key operators and the management due to the connection of all dyeing and finishing machines. It also links all periphery systems like dispensers, dissolvers, or ERP systems.

With the new SedoAPP, all production data can also be displayed on mobile devices. SedoExpert is a PPS system which offers a management platform for textile plants and connects the ERP to MES. Production orders are managed according to standard procedures. Production is tracked and monitored in real time.

The Textile Manufacturing Simulation system (TMS) is developed to create the most efficient production schedule for all active production orders (SFOs). All orders can meet their delivery date and the machine utilization is enhanced. Further advantages are optimized resources and energy costs as well as improved quality.